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red chamber dream
also, not sure what yall are eating in germany, but meat doesn't have any fiber

at least not chicken, beef, or fish which is mostly all i eat
lol yeah the recommendation for daily fiber intake is fucking nuts.

It's all nonsense anyways. my parents aten't educated so I didn't eat many vegs before I learned better and almost never ate fruit. I went nuts with junk food when I had the opportunity and honestly felt much better in those days thsnaI do now with daily fruit, vegs lots of whole wheat.

Bad diet isn't the leading cause of health issues  It's simply that we didn't evolve to live longer than 20 or so. Some bad gene and you get diabetes type2 from a banana a day lol
I swear I read somewhere that meat has fiber lol...
red chamber dream
yeah well i seem to have good genes and want to take advantage of them

i feel so much better when i eat healthy and i can also lose weight / gain muscle quickly if i try ... so i started actually trying and it's paying off
No reason not to keep it up then
Only eat whole grain stuff if you can. And remember beans have protein and fiber in one package, so you can get both in one food.  Psyllium (metamucil) is a great thing to take every day with a glass of water too,
red chamber dream
ah yeah beans are amazing

i make chili a lot which is just a super healthy food
red chamber dream
might have to try metamucil, thanks