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looks like it. or maybe call it an iso hack?
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DJGrenola: 2019-02-02 12:34:25 pm
yeah, well kind of

it's a program that runs on a PC, you give it an ISO file of the north american prime 0-00, and you tell it what tricks you know how to do

it spits out a modified ISO, you can either a) burn it to a disc and play it on a Wii with a DVD drive modchip, b) copy it to a USB disc and use a softmodded Wii with a warezloader app to play it, or c) just play it on dolphin if you have a PC that's fast enough, although you probably do need something that was made in the past two or three years to run the game at full speed without any stuttering
Someday I'll have a go. For now I have this mile long backlog...
I've been wanting something to play recently actually

might get resident evil 2
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ryu: 2019-02-02 12:50:53 pm
that one's on my list too... will have to wait until september/october though
Haha. This is great.
is that mocking the coffee pot thing

I haven't been keeping up with this shit
Yeah, basically.
red chamber dream
no idea what that's referring to but i thought this was pretty funny

I dunno, he did some verse about donald trump I think and some people seemed to think it was pretty lame, but I haven't seen it
red chamber dream
well it's eminem ... everything he's done since about 2009 has been lame lol
I mean trump isn't exactly a difficult target

you can't get any edginess points that way lol
red chamber dream
man i started working out like crazy about 3 months ago and it's like the best decision i ever made

if you don't work out, try it. you'll feel great
I like turtles.
I've always gotten the impression I'm doing something wrong. Every time I try it, maybe a month or two at a time, I never stop hating it.
red chamber dream
i felt that way for 29 years man

so i dunno lol
red chamber dream
for me it was all about starting slow and just doing a little bit every day ... then it just becomes part of your lifestyle
All exercise ever did for me was make me feel sore and tired. 
red chamber dream
that's the point hahah
red chamber dream
i'm sure it's different for guys though - i just keep setting higher goals and watching the changes in the mirror each week

most of the girls i work out with don't want to get bigger so it's just the same maintenance over and over ... i can imagine that getting old
I used to do 15 to 20 mins of body weight exercises almost everyday when I was in better health. that was enough for me to get from slightly skinnyfat to well toned. gotta say I exercise for the health benefits so my looks are of little concern to me. especially since I've been maintaining the form with 1-3 routines a week for a while
red chamber dream
i’m definitely into the fitness side as well, slowly starting to eat a lot healthier

i already eat reasonably healthy food but now i'm doing stuff like... getting enough fiber
red chamber dream
because like fucking nothing has fiber in it lol
Isn't it in all kinds of fruit and vegetable? it's also in wheat (just smaller amounts than whole grain). I think only dairy products have no fiber. even meat has it... though I'm not sure about processed meats
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arkarian: 2019-02-09 02:14:42 pm
red chamber dream
yeah but aside from veg, those have a ton of sugar as well ... and vegetables don't really have much fiber, you'd be surprised. same with bread - only whole wheat bread has any fiber, and it's not much

i've started eating some fruit again, i'd rather get it from beans or hummus though
red chamber dream
and you need a LOT of it per day

it's like god's sick joke