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red chamber dream
i dunno? i've never seen it
Club 27 Goals
Quit my job December 1st, been kind of a rollercoaster the last few months. I came into some money so my stress shifted from work to clout but then my girlfriend-thing got found guilty for attempted murder of her mom so that shit kinda fucked up. We aren't together but still close but it sounds like shes fucked

I also tried xanax since that's what all the cool rapper kids are doing these days and that shit just put me to sleep. On the upside I didn't get any face tattoo'd cause I'm a pussy so at least I didn't fuck up too bad.
Get the fuck away from that girl is my advice. Like, pronto.
red chamber dream
or don't go after girls who go after you first ... typically trouble lol
sounds like someone's speaking from experience
red chamber dream

i feel like it's a pretty common sentiment tho
red chamber dream
ajfjdkakwbsba arjshaks sjskdylkak survivor was so good this season, best one in at least 2 years

i think more of yall should check out that show, it's just endlessly fascinating
Merry Christmas y'all!
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Hope you had a good one.
red chamber dream
ahh i wanna get a bass
red chamber dream
i'm learning how to play orion by metallica

and dat bass doe
red chamber dream
“James [Hetfield] is extremely exact,” Rasmussen told Metallica biographer Joel McIver. “He’s the best rhythm guitar player in the world by a mile. There’s no-one better than him when it comes to downpicking. It’s unbelievable. He’ll do eight tracks and it’ll sound like one guitar.”

obviously exaggerating a little, but still, i didn't know he was that well-regarded for guitar playing
I never listened to Metallica much so I couldn't possibly comment
started on my game engine's AI a couple of days ago

safe to say I'll be here a while heh
still the multiplayer cave shooter game?
that's the one
yeah that sounds like a lot of effort
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ryu: 2019-01-13 02:42:35 am
"AGDQ HYPE btw my grandparents just died to cancer"

sure it was annoying when people would tell their sob stories, but this is just psychopathic lol
I can't remember when the last time I watched anything from GDQ was
you haven't been missing out
red chamber dream
lol i forget it exists every year until someone posts here
okay the mario odyssey run is really impressive and the fusion run kind of blew my mind lol
red chamber dream
ah i'll probably check out the odyssey run. always thought a speed run of that game would be fun to watch, but i wanted to wait until the game's been out for a while. i think now is the time!