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Use \ before commas in usernames
nah I've got one of those digital ones that produces MIDI data, but I didn't even use it, I just did it on a keyboard and then edited / copypasted the parts

they're placeholder, I do like the pattern over the "you're detrimental" part though so I'll likely keep that when I get it done properly
yeah the bass bit, I dunno, you just hear these things in your head I guess and think aha
I don't have the voice for rock either
also fluffed a few of the lines
red chamber dream
it's ok, they'll get the message :P
red chamber dream
i am currently playing killing in the name to a backing track and my timing isn't as terrible as i thought
mine's improved actually, that stuff was all played live, didn't have to correct any of the timing, which was definitely not true in the past
red chamber dream
it sounded great to me
red chamber dream
fucking tom morello, making me want to buy a wah pedal
yeah they're fun
red chamber dream
i've never actually used one, but i'm getting really interested in learning more rage songs, since almost all are easy to intermediate to play

except the solos lol
red chamber dream
and killing in the name is like their only song that doesn't use one haha
yeah he used a digitech whammy pedal on that
ridiculous device
red chamber dream
for the solo? yeah
red chamber dream
i wanna play songs from battle of los angeles and like all of em use wah in like, the main hooks lol
red chamber dream
also i've never actually listened to evil empire so i'll be reviewing that soon!
red chamber dream
rally round the family

pockets full of shells
red chamber dream
woo another review in the bag
One shall stand, one shall ball.
The best thing about my entire state being on fire is waking up and believing I slept until late afternoon because the air is so shit it looks like it's 5:30 forever.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Depending on your definition of "Best".
I like turtles.
Sounds lit to me.
Quote from DJGrenola:
the media is such a universally biased partisan piece of shit across the board now that I think I might get better news reports just by staring at the stock markets
Assuming you're talking about the news media, the fact that they get flamed from both sides might mean they're doing something right.

That said, I think the problems vary from program to program -- the half-hour evening news programs that my family likes to watch, for example, barely have any time to cover issues to any reasonable depth, which is why I prefer the PBS News Hour, where they get ~50 minutes to present reports that last longer than a few sentences summarizing what happened, and also get people to sit down and talk in-depth about stuff, exploring lots of angles that can't be covered in the ~20 minutes that your CBS Evening News or whatever dedicates to like 10 different stories and only ever asking questions for the first three at most.

Plus, PBS News Hour wastes a lot less time doing things like asking people how they feel about stuff and showing their reactions.  They do still sometimes do "human-interest" feelgood stuff but it's definitely not every program.

On the other hand, stuff like CNN that basically needs something to talk about as "breaking news" all day long, they basically just have people talking about the news over and over again and it's kinda pointless when all they do is make it seem like stuff is constantly happening.
Quote from DJGrenola:
the thing about JRPGs is interesting, I wonder whether there are any similarities if you could be bothered to sit down and do modal analysis and what have you
What was this a reply to btw?  I'm curious because I like throwing music theory at vgm too.