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red chamber dream
no, i just refuse to laugh at jokes that aren't funny, so i give them a serious response to make the person feel bad
red chamber dream
well i don't have screens on my windows yet, but after a couple of weeks the spiders are doing a great job taking care of my bug problem

tons of these tiny flying insects come in during the evening, the spiders have collected hundreds of them by now :)
did you buy spiders at a pet shop and let them loose in your house?
red chamber dream
nah they found their way in on their own. i guess they'll go to wherever the food source is
red chamber dream
it's just two tiny spiders actually, but damn those webs are effective. they strung them all along these high, wide windows i have
That's weird about the bugs. I don't live far from you, and the only time we get little tiny flying bugs is when one of my houseplants is infested or there's a rotten potato or onion in my pantry.