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Regardless, I am having some lame memory problems.  At the least, I walk into a room and forgot why I came, so I leave.  Then after I leave, I remember what I went into the room for, so I return to the room - and I forget again.  This can happen as many as 4-5 times.    At its worst, I get lost on my way home from work.  This has happened to me about half a dozen times in the last year.  I'm just driving along and suddenly nothing looks familiar at all, and I panic thinking that I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere or that I passed my house, so then I start making turns to correct it, and get more and more lost.  It really sucks.
Probably just stress

I'd start worrying at half a dozen times in the last week
red chamber dream
and yet it still tastes like chicken
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Well what is a chozo but a large chicken?
red chamber dream
heh this is really well done

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They're talking about Twilight in my accounting class XD
red chamber dream
the books are pretty fun to hateread
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Only thing I know about the books is that the author has a similar last name to me
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Opium: 2018-04-20 12:01:15 am
Beating Nameless King in NG++ is all that stands between me and getting my Dark Souls 3 platinum trophy because I only need one more ring and it's just past him.  He's beaten me like 5 times now.  I didn't have this much trouble last time that I remember.  I can't recall what I did to beat him last time.  GRR!

I did something last time that made it easy.  WTF was it?
Did you play a mage
NVM, I figured it out and beat him easily. Rolling to my right makes dodging him easy.  I got my platinum!!!  The Dark Soul trophy is mine!

BUT the weirdest thing happened.  When he was down to about 20% health, i still had full health so I just started hacking away at him and not caring if he hit me.  We both died at the exact same time. The words YOU DIED came on screen, AND the HEIR OF FIRE DESTROYED came up as well.  The game went black for a while, then it showed his death cutscene where archdragon peak goes back to normal.  I had zero souls, and there is no bloodstain anywhere.  Strange.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Your bloodstain was likely in the sky where you fought him since you never actually reached the ground.
You're probably right. I never looked up for something that's always been on the ground.
Quote from Serris:
Did you play a mage

No I'm a STR/FAI build and I use sunlight straight sword by far the most.