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One shall stand, one shall ball.
It's not really asking too much for someone charting the history of a given game's speed runs to include readily available information. Like, you can still find Scarlet's runs, lol, not mentioning her work in running that game's just lazy as hell.
These videos are for completely clueless audiences, why would you put in more work than necessary

These guys could just copy the current speedrun.com leaderboards and get away with it
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I'd put the work in because I give a shit about the quality of a product I intend to make money off of. :v
Please get off the internet with that shit
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Also, as a History Nerd I wouldn't want to leave important parts out of the history I'm supposed to be presenting just, like, on principle.

Like, why would I even bother if I'm not gonna include that? Scarlet did some remarkable work in speed running Metroid games. Jerking off the more recent record holders doesn't mean much if you're not covering the previous efforts.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Here everyone I will present, to you, the History of the Roman Empire: Constantine moved the capital to Byzantium, they all faffed about for a bit then the Ottoman's took over and renamed it Istanbul.

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Just because making poor videos that get clicks isn't YOUR passion doesn't mean it can't be someone else's jeez
red chamber dream
again to be fair the guy seems to do a pretty thorough job in most cases

i've really enjoyed his "world record progression" series - it lets me keep up with speed running without having to put in any effort
red chamber dream
and i love how he explains all the time savers, and it makes sense even when i know nothing about the game
red chamber dream
a video on prime would definitely be interesting
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Opium: 2018-03-19 01:51:15 pm
Jesus christ I hate reddit.  Why did I start going there?  I swear 90% of the people on it are under 18 and stupid af.  I like the funny stories people share, but the moment anything comes up that's about social issues, or even gaming, I get a crowd of retarded children throwing a tantrum in my face.
red chamber dream
um yeah, reddit fucking blows

gotta avoid that place like the plague
Sounds like you stopped lurking and posted something. Don't do that.
Some kid on reddit recently explained to me that Prime isn't a remake of Super. If I could reach through the screen and slap that kid I would.
...as if I thought Prime was an official remake of super metroid.
You don't know how hard it is to not say shit like 'bitch I was skeptical of anyone even being able to make a 3D metroid game when you were eating feces from your diaper.'
or all the kids on there who talk about how long they've been playing this or that game, and when you do the math it becomes clear that they expect you to believe that they were serious gamers at age 3
Quote from Serris:
Sounds like you stopped lurking and posted something. Don't do that.

yeah that sounds like a better plan
This is literally the only tolerable gaming forum I still know about

Why even post somewhere else

what an honour!
Came out ahead of stiff competitors such as
I shouldn't even attempt to reason with someone who gets into a franchise like metroid or zelda or castlevania 5 years ago, and acts like they're some kind of authority on the topic.  They weren't even there to experience any of the feelings or conversation from the influence or evolution that resulted from the release of those games.  Their perspective is limited in this regard.  It would be like if you sat through a movie and some shithead walks into the theater when the ending credits are rolling and tries to tell you about the movie.
Just sounds like a conversation that's not worth having in the first place
don't waste adrenaline on the internet!