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red chamber dream
that would have been amazing
red chamber dream
i love casino royale, but if he had directed it... can't even imagine
red chamber dream

so this is a great video but i fucking lost it at the code at 8:30
yeah I think it was his idea to remake it too

he was interviewed on TV in the UK I think and he said "oh yeah nobody's ever done casino royale properly" and I've always wondered if someone from the relevant studio was watching and said "that's a great idea but you're not doing it"
yeah india is one of many countries we fucked up unfortunately

I'm actually surprised they're not more bitter about it
lol <title><title></heaf>
run that through the W3C at your peril
red chamber dream
i love how the voiceover is talking about how great they are at coding while showing that

red chamber dream
lol, makes me want to hear his review of geostorm

that movie looked god awful

I still haven't seen the MLP movie, but now I do
poor kermode lol

think that's the first time I've ever heard him just completely give up
he's great when he really despises a film

his rants about sex & the city 2 and the transformers films are the stuff of legend
I'm just listening to the interview with armando ianucci about death of stalin and ... woah, steve buscemi playing nikita khrushchev?
I have to see that film
ianucci is a bit of a genius
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
Well getting my tonsils out sure helped a lot. I got strep throat again >.>
it'll sort itself out
oh boy, salad have reformed and are on tour again, around the time of my birthday in april

I sort of want to go and see the show in amsterdam ...
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
I'm used to it by now. This is like the 8th time I've gotten it in the last 2 years
ah, that'll be why they whipped your tonsils out
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
yep. so unless they can remove my throat without killing me I'll probably keep getting it anyway. ......hooooooray......
Quote from zeldacia3:
I'm used to it by now. This is like the 8th time I've gotten it in the last 2 years

That's really strange.  If the same strain of strep bacteria is living somewhere in your body and keeps resurfacing then you're just making it more resistant to antibiotics every time you treat it.  What does your doctor say?  8 times in 2 years is incredible.
iirc some people are particularly susceptible to it ... back in the day they would take your tonsils out the first time you got it, because once you get it once there's a greater chance of getting it again
I used to have that all the time. It's gotten better in the last few years, thank god.

Eat more apples and vegetables, kid.