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I know, it's a shame

I was quite keen on this girl for a while who did animation in college, her final project was this claymation thing which I never saw but apparently was awesome

but there's no way she'll ever get a job doing it
red chamber dream
robot chicken is the only thing i can think of that still does it on a regular basis

or used to ... think it was recently canceled
shame, I haven't seen that much robot chicken but the bits I have seen (mostly the star wars stuff) have been pretty good
red chamber dream
i liked it a lot too, at least the first few seasons which i watched all of. i'm sure it's still good, they can do basically anything they want on that show

hmm from looking at wikipedia, i think it wasn't canceled, just hasn't had a new season in over a year. pretty typical for adult swim shows though
I heard that some of the old Jim Henson crew was making a sequel to The Dark Crystal using the old-school way with puppets and no CGI
I think a lot of filmmakers etc. prefer that but the producers don't because it's costlier
red chamber dream
definitely. to be honest though, cgi has come an incredibly long way, and the best effects these days are a mix of cgi and practical. cg is really, really good at inanimate objects, so i always find it funny when people praise blockbusters like mad max 4 for using so many practical effects when there is a fucking shitton of cg in that movie too
red chamber dream
and then you get people like tdk who claim shit like planet earth is cg ... man he was high as fuck that night :P
the best option is probably to use practical effects anywhere you can and then just use CG to touch them up later

if I were a director it would probably piss me off though because you can't see the effects while you're actually shooting
it's definitely detrimental if you don't give the actors anything to work with, it's like the star wars prequels where you just get macgregor and christensen trudging uninspirationally around a giant aircraft hangar painted blue
red chamber dream
you should check out the behind the episode video hbo released for the latest game of thrones ep

they make this simple wireframe animated dragon before shooting anything, then use that to help them film the actress riding the dragon
red chamber dream
i've also read that when the dragons were small, they used a puppet to help the actress get the movements down, then removed the puppet before actually filming
yeah I remember when they did who framed roger rabbit they had a lot of mechanical devices and so on in place of the cartoons
shooting that film must have been a nightmare lol
red chamber dream
i never thought about that, yeah can't even imagine

there's a reason it's like one of the only movies to ever do that heh
it's true

I should watch that again actually, it's been a very long time
red chamber dream
i've never seen it :X
it was awesome when I saw it actually because I was oblivious as to what it actually was, knew nothing about it and we ended up going to the cinema for someone's birthday party at school

so I don't know if you're aware but the first 5 minutes give you this opening which is just a cartoon, it's a classic looney tunes style cartoon, so I just assumed the whole film would be like that

then it just kind of pans out of the cartoon set to the live action world and it completely blew my mind

it's a little bit like the start of team america where it begins with puppets being controlled by puppets, but at first you only see the smaller puppets until it zooms out
red chamber dream
heh that sounds awesome. i should really watch it, i've heard nothing but praise for it
yeah I dunno, it's been so long since I've seen it, I sort of get the feeling I'd be a bit annoyed by it now, but who knows
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Having seen it fairly recently I'd say it holds up totally fine.
why are nips better at designing brown people than western devs?

oh is that you? nice clothes bro
i would totally wear that wolf shirt lol