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I think you're right, I get the car serviced in 10 days so I hope they'll be able to find out what the issue is. And thanks :D

It was so weird talking to them about the job after they told me they wanted to hire me. Like, they were like "I know the starting is low for training but it'll improve, and even though we only have 8 dedicated vacations you will get full pay and you'll get multiple vacation and personal days to use as you want. We will have full insurance coverage and we will offer a very nice 'wellness' program so you can earn extran bonuses and gift cards for using our gym facilities and we hope this interests you"

and I'm like, hot damn, I've never worked a job in my life where I actually got vacation pay, jesus. They were all surprised that at my other accounting jobs it paid so low and had almost zero benefits.

what was the company your worked as an accountant before like?
It was a small home office, all of our clients were just locally ran businesses like restaurants and landscaping businesses. Considering I was 16 making $10/hr it was pretty cushy, but very informal. I could wear whatever I wanted to work, play whatever music, and play darts for an hour with the boss on slow days. It had it's drawbacks, I would only know my schedule 3 days in advance and when work got really slow they pretty much just let me go after I finished a day of work without warning.

Still, for a kid who was doing independent studies instead of going to school and making money without a car or any bills, it was great experience and helped me learn the value of a paycheck really quickly.
red chamber dream
that's awesome poision. congrats!

btw i think my phone has forgotten the "correct" spelling of poision lol
>It was a small home office, all of our clients were just locally ran businesses like restaurants and landscaping businesses.

No surpruse there wasn't much to that job :/
so uh, I'm part of a closed/"private" "meme" group on facebook of I think about 50K people. People post some pretty vile shit there, beheading videos and some really gruesome memes.

So a chick decides it'd be a good idea to  facebook-live herself masturbating in the shower to try and get the lonely virgin memesters to donate money to her. Instead, what she got, was people insulting her relentlessly, people recording it, and proceeding to send it to her friends on her facebook. The admins had enough and finally banned her and it looks like her facebook is deleted now for the time being.

Quote from arkarian:
that's awesome poision. congrats!

btw i think my phone has forgotten the "correct" spelling of poision lol

My plan has finally come to fruitation.

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every time i get a gordon ramsay/hell's kitchen/kitchen nightmares/hotel hell clip in my youtube feed i just have to watch it lol

guy makes me laugh so much
One shall stand, one shall ball.
laffo what the hell
red chamber dream
haha right? i've never actually watched any of these shows, just clips on youtube of gordon ramsay fucking destroying people
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Oh man the shrug at the end is so good. Whoops we're really bad at this actually!
red chamber dream
rotfl yeah

i love the excuses they come up with too ... "it's just how that dish is prepared."
One shall stand, one shall ball.
An employee of the month level excuse imo
man, those clips are great. Looks like three dude-bros that all decided to pitch and run a restaurant cause, like, why not bro?
red chamber dream
my favorites are the ones where it's an insane egomaniacal guy who thinks he knows everything best, and then there's interviews of his wife or some family member in tears all "we're a quarter million in debt!!!!"
lol :(

gj poision
he's such an asshole. 
red chamber dream
anyone watch the leftovers (hbo)? wish more people weren't sleeping on that show, it's in its final season now and it's fucking amazing. it's basically an examination of what happens when everyone is forced to be doubtful about their reality
We watched the first few episodes, I think.  Isn't that the post-rapture show?
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yeah but it's not "the rapture", it's just that 2% of the world vanished with no explanation, seemingly randomly
2%? Sheesh. Shed a tear and move on.  Doesn't seem like it would be enough to turn the whole world upside down.
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lol you really think if 140 million people all over the world just vanished instantly one day, the whole world wouldn't change? religions would go fucking nuts
red chamber dream
what's especially interesting about the show is that some of the characters didn't lose anyone, while others lost their entire family

so everyone is like ... why
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Opium: 2017-05-03 03:09:49 pm
religions are already nuts. 

The number of people gone isn't large enough for me to think that it would mess everything up, but the way in which they left is so crazy.  That's what would cause the impact more so than the number imho
So this lady I work with tells me that 'technically' I don't have to charge a customer $190 for something because the way our company is being billed for it won't connect the charge to the customer in any way.  I look at her like she's smoking crack and tell her that the connection is our knowledge that they owe us the money.  She then says 'well it's not on paper anywhere so charging them is optional.'  I'm like 'In what universe?'  So I charge them.  And now she won't shut up about it, saying I didn't have to.  What is she smoking?  There is no such thing as free money.  We lose money when we make mistakes, but we're never supposed to do it on purpose.  I can't figure out if she's just stupid or if there's something fishy going on.  Maybe she's been doing this the wrong way for a while and now that it fell into my hands she wants me to keep doing it wrong so that her previous 'gifts' remain secret.  Drama.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
That lady sounds like she excels at getting fired.