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yeah I'd agree with that, although I did play the original PS1 version of resi 1, I restarted several times but never finished it, it was too damn hard lol
red chamber dream
i actually haven't played it, just watched it heh. but i feel like i can judge it well enough based on that
the engine in RE2 was a shitload better though
red chamber dream
crazy how much games evolved just over the course of the ps1
omg so sick.  worst cough ever.
red chamber dream
lol this trump/merkel meeting is hilarious

can't believe merkel is meeting with a reality tv star to discuss the future of our nations
I reckon she's thinking the same thing
it's true of all the world leaders really, I always picture them closing their eyes and taking a deep breath before they walk in
fuck yeah cooked breakfast at 9 pm on a friday night
I like turtles.
There is no wrong time to eat breakfast. Especially not if you have a waffle iron.
red chamber dream
i've been in a bit of a rut where i make hash browns and eggs several nights a week

not really complaining though, so easy and so good
Quote from DJGrenola:
yeah I think ... resi 1 is the purest one and objectively I'd say it's the best of the classic RE games

REmake kind of renders it obsolete, though. OG RE1 is just so trashy in terms of production value - even for 1996.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
The opening cutscene of RE1 is such a perfect display of classic horror that it transcends video game trash and ascends to high art. REmake fucked it up entirely.
The schlocky production values certainly have a charm of their own. I'm a particular fan of Wesker's last words

"Don't come this way! Noooooo!"
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arkarian: 2017-03-19 01:49:47 pm
red chamber dream
lol reminds me of ashley in 4

no! don't come!

on a bus in London again
10:30 PM and 70 miles between me and bed
got to be the most bittersweet place in the world for me this
Kings cross ...
living a 50 minute train ride away from London is still not something I can quite get used to, being able to stumble into KX at 11:15 pm and be home by half midnight
wasn't worth fucking with unless I was going to spend the whole weekend here in the past
Is there some pretty good hops and things, or are you just sight seeing?
what is this millennial talk
was just seeing a couple of people

one of them is a german girl who might be leaving the UK because of brexit next year so any opportunity to spend a bit of time with her is kind of golden now