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Yoshi is back
Well, I did abuse Save states. I used the good old Super missiles :) (Shot his chest) But I forget the way of the turrets. Sorry, but I can't help on the turrets, just on the way to beat him is the Super missile way.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
rageassasin was asking for help about an unassisted run, Dave.  Saying that you 'can help', and then saying you 'abused save states' is not very helpful.  Anybody can complete this hack with tool assistance, but that's not what was being discussed. d'oh!
Yoshi is back
Ok, :P I'm just saying that I used save states like alot.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
rageassassin: If / When you plan on continuing, you could check through Lance Uppercut's run, which was unassisted (mostly).  All recorded with snes9x 1.43 v9, although he admits using slowdown a little with both Draygon and Ridley! Razz
cool but where is his run ive searched for it. also can u add me to the current list of ppl that beat it (with saves and slowdowns)? i have the escape sequence video. 100% with animals saved. im uploading it to youtube right now. ill give the link when its done
and i had to split vid in two cause i made it with zsnes and it desynced for some reason. can anyone tell me why this happens in zsnes?
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Quote from rageassassin:
cool but where is his run
There's a link in the first post. aiwebs_004
oh lol i didnt notice that was a link thanks quietus
wow i was reading his post and it felt like i was reading my own thoughts. i also didnt know about the save down in norfair before getting into kraids lair. and i also restarted my attempt to cross missle lake whenever i crossed 8000 frames (the finished attemp ended up being only 2 jumps 1 for missile and 1 success).
i cant get his smv's to work do i need to use the same snes9x version as his? and if so can anyone upload it or give me a link to it? im pretty sure that uploading an emulator is not against the rules just roms
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Quote from rageassassin:
i cant get his smv's to work do i need to use the same snes9x version as his?
It's not always necessary, but is often the case with .smv's, yes.  Try here.
wow thanks again quietus youve helped me out so much so far
Yoshi is back
Thats why he's Quietus the helping Hyena :P
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Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Higher quality videos depend solely on what output options you use in snes9x when creating your .avi.
sorry for all the edits
.smv of draygon kill attached
Saturn you beast, i feel like i'll never beat this xD
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video is six posts above.
This hack is fun yo.
Here is my video of it, savestateless / single segment / streamed live / casual morning run.
died between 10-15 times, not sure exactly... I don't really want to rewatch the whole thing and count all the death.
and most of them were really dumb death, like falling in the flower repeatedly.
My boss fight were all pretty good, only boss I died was draygon 1 times and it was my fault entirely.
I was trying to go for a world record(RTA)... but i have no idea if there is a best time for this. I might be the first one to do it like this, I really don't know.
Finally completed!
100% with save states. I don' know why the missiles near the Speed Booster took me so long, but those were my last ones!