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Feel the Limit!

Download Super Metroid Impossible v1.5 now!

ROM required to patch: Super Metroid (JU).smc
You can use Fusoya's Lunar IPS to apply the patch with the ROM

This hack will bring Super Metroid (and even general video-gaming) into a absolute, never experienced before, new level of difficulty. Everybody who thinks Super Metroid is easy, will find the perfect solution with this hack. Most rooms are designed to be harder to pass, the entire route is changed to make you feel like literally going through hell, and the Bosses are so hard, that you will only get a minimal chance to win!

This hack will rather crush you hopelessly down, or make you a absolute master in Super Metroid! It will require you to execute all the hardest possible moves in order to pass different rooms, such as:

- Very fast Wall-Jumping skills
- Mid-Air Morph Bomb Jumping and Diagonal Bomb Jumping
- Bomb Jumping with Mid-Air Demorph + Shooting + continuing BJ
- Very flat Mockball or Speed Mockball
- Short Charge
- Very fast reflexes in all different situations

and much more.

Furthermore you will require much knowledge of general moves such as crouch-jump with slipping over a high platform, and of course the acting of bosses or various enemies.

Although this hack is designed to be on the absolute limit between "Possible and Impossible", as the name already says, I beta-tested everything in the game to make sure that everything is possible to execute in realtime. It will just require insane amount of skill, which without alot of practise only the absolute experts would have.

If somebody indeed manages to beat this hack, there is still a challenge left. Try to get 100% of all items! Some secret rooms will be extremely hard to find. Those who can reach both goals, deserve without a doubt a honor for being one of the best and most creative Super Metroid players of all time!

Of course without the help of some people I never could make this hack:

I want to thank Kejardon, he helped me so many times and gave me countless of useful codes to fix various glitches or change different enemy-AI's to make them more aggressive and stronger, but also for many general hints on how the game works and which possibilities are available in hacking. I can say for sure that at least 15% of the total changes (or 99% of coding changes) are entirely from Kej, thank you for such a big support man!

I also want to thank Jathys for his helpful support and especially for the awesome Super Metroid Editor "SMILE". Without it, nobody could hack Super Metroid on such a level!

And finally thanks to Drewseph, he was the first person to explain me the advanced SMILE functions when I had no clue. It was a very useful knowledge for the most work I did on this hack.

And lastly, this hack has been thoroughly tested, but if somebody still finds some bugs, irregular glitches or freezings in the game, please let me know. PM or email me to Saturn- AT hotmail DOT com. I will fix them as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding the hack (if geting stuck for example) feel free to ask here.

There are surely many more "surprises" waiting for you, so I hope you enjoy the hack!

Super Metroid Impossible Honor List for:

Game Completion:
1. BlueGlass
2. Lance Uppercut
3. Rothlenar
4. catnap222
5. Squ4ll-
6. ICheatAtGolf
7. ducknerd (100%, animals saved)
8. Bob_A
9. Anima Zero
10. Tonski
11. soulhunger
12. Max
13. Cpadolf
14. Kidgoku
15. Sneaky Paradox
16. Foxhound3857
17. Rob
18. greyfox8888
19. TheCheruben
20. evilchen
21. JaggerG
22. Swilo
23. P.JMan (first person to get 100%)
24. Buster
25. Blarrrg (100%, animals saved, Let's Play Style)
26. Bolognab
27. DMantra
28. devonodev
29. SapphireRyoko
30. funkyotown
31. BeholdMyStrength (Let's Play Style)
32. rd7979 (animals saved)
33. Greenspectre
34. Mercury Adept
35. rob.fortin
36. juicemousezero
37. gunnargumpert

Special Accomplishments:
Savestateless game completion by Lance Uppercut

Fastest TAS:
Cpadolf's any%, finished in 0:49 (Video file)


Old text:

I started to work on this hack about 2 weeks ago and am to about 60% complete already.

I modified many rooms and changed the position of items and doors so you can get them only much later than normaly. I will use many new additional blockers if you already have missiles and power bombs, so that you still won't be able to get into each room you want. Also changed some of the enemies status to make them more protectable against your shoots. I will also add some labyrinths, traps and even instant-death situations you have to pass. I make sure that no mini-boss can be skiped, and also that almost none of the glitches we know today will work in this hack like the green gate glitch, zebetites, etc.

You will need to be able to pull off perfect and fast walljumping, mockball, straight and diagonal bomb-jumping and many more hard moves that require very good reactions all the time.

This hack will be so hard that I really doubt there will be many who will have the skill to beat it without tools or only with very much luck and practising. I think this hack would be even for player like Red Scarlet and Smokey a real challenge.

You can be sure there is nothing that will be impossible to get, I will test everything exactly to prevent that. It will be just hard to the limit.

Is anyone interested in geting new blister on their fingers again after a long time and get despair in trying to beat this hack if it's done?
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Embarrasing Fact: Power suit made by lowest bidder
You don't scare me, bring it on!

Seriously though, try and make it tricky-difficult, not tedious-difficult. I've seen many hacks using the latter, and it feels more like work than playing a game. But good luck, and I look forward to seeing it. :)
Sounds cool. Bring it on! 8)

I give my best to not making it tedious to play. There will be many new paths and you will have to use your brain often, not just play forward.

Seriously, I think it will be to hard. Without using Emu-savestates you will go through hell, are you Smokey (the expert in low% runs) or not. Doesn't matter!

Currently there is a tricky part: You have  to lay a bomb on the bottom to free your path to pass, but there will be a enemie (don't want to spoil which one) which is pretty fast and hard to avoid, and once it gets you, you are dead no matter of your energy at this point. To this time you can't kill it with your current beams / Missiles, thats the problem. I'm not even sure if you can pass on this way and maybe I have to remove it/place it more away of you. I will test it carefully now.

There is very much I could tell now, but I really don't want to spoil the surprises and the great and stunning deaths the 1st time player (no matter how good) will definitely find himself out, and not only once :-)
red chamber dream
Bet you anything that someone like Scarlet could tear this up after a few tries.
We will see. If it is a inhuman genius then maybe you are right.  Everything is possible, you are never sure. But as said you not only need skill but also knowledge of the enemie-acting and so on. Guess Kejardon will have his advantages here.

You will also need to perform very hard moves in a row without have the possibility to save (at least on legal way), that means if you fail at the last skill-test you have to repeat everything from beginning and this is exactly the thing I fear for the potential player. In one area for example, you have exactly one try to pass, if you fail, you die! And to reach the point where you have this 1 Try you have to play again about 5 min from the nearest saveroom. Because of that, using Emu-Savestates will make it to about 1000 times easier!
red chamber dream
Quote from Saturn:
[...] you not only need skill but also knowledge of the enemie-acting and so on. Guess Kejardon will have his advantages here.

Knowledge of how an enemy acts takes only a few minutes to learn.

Quote from Saturn:
You will also need to perform very hard moves in a row without have the possibility to save (at least on legal way)

Exactly. Have you ever seen Smokey's Single Segment :38? Yeah, it's definitely possible for players of his calibre to pull off many difficult tricks in a row, without messing up or saving once.

Quote from Saturn:
Because of that, using Emu-Savestates will make it to about 1000 times easier!

Using savestates makes any game about a thousand times easier (the first time through, at least).
soaking through
That's just gonna make it tedious-difficult...

EDIT: Simu-post.
Hey man, give the guy some props, guys. I think the idea's great. Whether Smokey could blitz the game in a half-hour or not, I still reckon it'll be worth every minute it takes to make. I wanna play it too, it sounds super cool.
red chamber dream
Yeah, it's a good idea (as long as it's not tedious); I'm just saying that he's underestimating the best SM players. They could probably get through any new hack fairly quickly, as long as it's not actually physically impossible.
For those who can't play Super Metroid it will be even more frustrating and despairing because you just won't be able to beat it, and of course this will become tedious if you stuck and can't progress due to the lack of the needed skill. Thats why I wrote: For masters only...

Of course I have seen Smokeys 38 min run, its indeed a awesome performance at this long time. But you really can't compare this run in difficulty to my hack. He made some small errors even in this run but they costed him only a few sec in total. My hack won't even allow small errors in critical parts. In some cases this will mean death, that simple.

Of course emu-savestates help very much in any game, but in this hack they are even much more helpfull. Even average players can beat the hack with them, but without - no chance or only after very much practise in the needed parts! This is not the case on the most normal games.

EDIT: It is at the limit between physically possible and impossible. I will applaud the one who will be able to go through it pretty quickly without problems, thats out of question of course, I just can't believe it will be that easy for them.

I'm 110% sure that not even Smokey will be able to blitz through the hack in 40 min. The goal will be to break the 1 hour mark and even that will be almost impossible if I calculate right. But the completing-time is only a side goal for competition. The more realistic question will be: Are you able to beat the game on legal way or not. If you can, you can call yourself a expert, thats for sure!
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
I dunno how to HBJ/DBJ..I'm no master.

Sounds pretty interesting, though. But as I don't really play the game anymore, if I gave this a whirl, I'd use save states.
Let's see if this hack will be harder than Super Hard Metroid Back at SCU. Better add this one to my large list of Metroid related Hacks.
Quote from Electrometer Prime:
Let's see if this hack will be harder than Super Hard Metroid Back at SCU. Better add this one to my large list of Metroid related Hacks.

Super hard metroid wasn't hard, it was just annoying.
hmmm that is true. That is basically the hardest hack I have done though. So this hack should be harder.
"Super Hard Metroid" was only changed by the enemy-statuses (mostly double HP and damage) and the Samus-Suits as far as I know. I will change most rooms and the complete route you will go. I will also change the status of some enemies (increase them by 10 times if it has to be) to make them deadly to you in some places..

You are funny :-) The record-holder of the 100%-run who performs awesome tricks in his movie says he is no master. Even if you can't perform Diagonal Bomb Jumping (which is extremely hard and only very few player can do it) the skill you have shown in your movie was truly masterly IMO.

However you will need the diagonal bomb-jumping to pass the water room with the Missile-Pack to wricked ship. You won't have the Speed Booster or Grappling Beam to this time, so it won't be easy. I'm not even sure if savestates could help here...
Quote from Saturn:
The record-holder of the 100%-run who performs awesome tricks in her movie says she is no mistress.


Btw. Saturn, will you release an ips here?
Saturn, can you make and less-hacked copy so we can all enjoy it.
No, I think 'master' would be the better term there... it's gender-neutral in this usage, whereas "a mistress" is a completely different term.
Pardon me, English isn't my mother tongue. Rolling Eyes
Of course I will release a IPS (on my site, I give a link here if its done). It would be pointless for me to work on a hack without releasing it...

Oops, Scarlet is female right? If so, sorry for my wrong spelling.

EDIT: But yes I ment neutral anyway.

I could make a less hacked version, but only after I finish the original master-edition. Because I don't want to get out of my planings for it. The hack, and the route would be the same, I will just remove the critical and super hard parts, and also add some new platforms in places you normaly need to bomb-jump up. The instant-killer-enemies will also be removed...
was anyone else shocked to find out that 'mrs.' is short for mistress?
I never noticed "Mrs." anywhere before, so I also couldn't find out...
red chamber dream
Quote from njahnke:
was anyone else shocked to find out that 'mrs.' is short for mistress?

Not really, but probably because I've always known that.
Lol, I had a third grade teacher who insisted on her name being written as "Mz. Lance". Never knew what was up with that.
Short for Miz, I guess.  Which is how I've seen Ms. spelled out.