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DMantra: 2009-08-13 02:06:11 am
Breathe in the Future, Breathe out the Past

The Galactic Federation has lost contact with Eris Station.
Samus Aran has been dispatched to find out what's wrong.

Digital Mantra

Deep Space Observer


Jathys (Thanks for making this happen)
Squishy ichigo (The Genius of 'I'm a Genius')
Deep Space Observer (Always reliable for help)
Grime (For sharing your awesome tiles)
Manaka143 (For putting up with a boyfriend that hacks all day)

Some Reviews:

"Like most romhacks, the difficulty is ramped up, only this time, it's the damage output of Planet Eris' inhabitants rather than ludicrously precise jumping with instant death as a result of your failure. Personally, I find this kind of difficulty to be a whole lot better really as it requires skill in choosing your enemies and knowing when to flee rather than just run n'gunnin.
For once, exploration takes the priority in the game play rather than arbitrary difficulty. There are hidden goodies everywhere in this well decorated landscape. The missile pickups are dramatically cut down to the point where you'll be needing to hunt the missiles down rather than just say "cool, more missiles". There's a few new gizmos for you to play around with as well, but I won't spoil that for anyone.
The world itself is just beautiful. This is the first hack I've seen to use this many customized tiles. The music in the areas was carefully chosen to impact the ambient affect and it really shows. The creepy areas look and sound creepy and the lonesome places do the same.
Give it a try, but don't be alarmed by the difficult enemies, it's truly a marvelous experience."


"Not even Redesign left me this speechless."

"This hack is extremely epic, I can't help but stare at each and every room, difficulty is tough but it just makes finding stuff that much better! Wow, I'm pretty much speechless, absolute masterpiece."

"A beautiful hack all round; fantastic work. The environments were great with tons of detail and uniqueness."

"It's the kind of hack that I've wanted to see for years, a complete re imagining of super metroid. Thanks so much for this."

"This game is the definition of Epic. The exploration is intense most of the time, but that makes it even more of an accomplishment when you find stuff.. one of the best, if not THE best hacks ever made."

"Holy fucking shit this was epic.
I've never played a game that's actually made me feel this excited and this worried for the character when I'm playing it. All of the exploration made me frustrated, but it was a good kind of frustrated. I felt lost, and all of the stone statues everywhere made me stop and think sometimes, "What happened to these people to turn them to stone?"
I absolutely enjoyed going into the deep and fighting the rest of the bosses. Amazing stuff. I loved the whole hack, and I think it really deserves a sequel."


"Not really much more to say than this hack is a Masterpiece."

"This would have to be the best SM hack I've played, the effort put into it really shows."

"Wow. Too epic, and when I say "too", I mean, I just shat. But seriously, I had tons of fun with this game, the backgrounds were so great they were almost annoying at how they integrated so well with the foreground and it's surroundings."

"This hack is definitely the BEST HACK EVER even it's 'just' a minihack!!!
Every Metroid fan have to play this!
You can't even describe this with a million words!"

-Black Falcon

"The areas were done beautifully. The mix of layers is superb, and made the hack look like completely new GFX were used, though they weren't."
-Sadiztik Fish

"I would say this is tied with Redesign as the single best hack of Super Metroid ever made."

"This game was like what a true "Super Metroid II" would have been like! As someone posted earlier, it felt like I was in places I never, ever should be in! I think it felt like that, sort of like it feels when your in a weird dream where the places are familiar, but oddly different. The long elevator down to Spore Spawn is like a nightmare come true, and the water reflections were truly beautiful. Other parts felt like I was Samus running around inside Castlevania!"

"Enjoyable hack. Highlight for me are definitely the amazing colour changes, and creative background- and level design that bring a totally different atmosphere in pretty much every sector to the game."

"It was a "pretty cool hack bro"."

"Wow, just wow is all I can say at this point, Dmantra you have set a new standard for metroid hacks.
This is by far my favorite Super Metroid hack I have ever played. As far as quality and innovation go I'd say this is on equal footing with Redesign."


"Just a word from someone who has seen, worked on, and played (some of) Eris:
Usually when playing hacks, I *feel* like I'm playing a hack (you all know what I mean).  Being constantly reminded that something is a hack depresses me and I generally lose interest after a while (there are exceptions to this, of course, but they are few and far in between, imho).
Eris is an exception to this.  Even though it does have a "mini" feel to it (as DMantra already pointed out), it actually feels like I'm exploring a new world (ie- not just playing a rehashed version of the same thing again).  I don't play many hacks (ironically), but this is one I definitely will be playing through when it's officially time."


Thread title: 
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edit: did that to make sure I got the first post! :D
Cool its getting released early, not so cool on the reason why. :(
All aboard the soul train
I was going to make an unheadered version of the patch for other people, but then I opened the patch up in a hex editor and saw that it actually modifies the header, or something. At least, the first pointer is to 0x000000.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm going to have to wait to play this until at least tomorrow. My mom will yell at me if I don't. aiwebs_027
All aboard the soul train

I'm a noob. I don't know where to go. I got passed the Metroid near the beginning, only to get assraped by some Lower-Norfair type Space Pirates, and I'm only finding dead-ends in the water area.

Stuck at only a minute it. Wow.
. . .
I was stuck for the longest time to.

You need to explore a water room where your Jesus

The room where you walk on top of the water
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ducknerd: 2009-07-29 11:11:13 pm
Eschews avatars
That's a big IPS.
This was pretty much the main reason I've still been lurking here. Wonderful to see it got done.

EDIT: lol @ chimney chozo
Quote from squishy_ichigo:

edit: did that to make sure I got the first post! :D
Cool its getting released early, not so cool on the reason why. :(

I agree it's cool to get it a couple days early, but may I ask why it's early and why you say you'll miss DMantra when he usually logs in every day??  Is he experiencing computer problems or having health problems??  I remember messaging him some time ago and I asked him if he'll stick around after releasing Eris, and he said he'll stick around here as long as people continue to make and release hacks.  What's going on??  Regardless what the problem is, I hope it'll get better and that the problem will go away as soon as possible....

Good luck with whatever you're dealing with, DMantra!!
. . .
Taken from Metconst's Talk of the Day topic
Alright folks, I'd just like to clear a few things up. I feel the need to say it somewhere within the hacking community.

The reason Eris is being released July 31st is because I will no longer have internet thereafter, due to housing/financial/medical issues.
So when I release and then disappear, don't take it the wrong way. I'm not ditching you guys or anything.

I'll be back at some point when certain issues in my life are mediated or hopefully resolved,
excited to catch up with my friends here and play all the new hacks likely to be out when I return.

And it got released early because shit hit the fan faster than he expected. :/
All aboard the soul train
Shooting the water... I would never have thought of that. Dammit.
Acclaimed Threshold
Constant Sorrows
I've gotten up to Charge Beam and I need to get sleep. I don't know if you can read this, DMantra, but so far it's superbly done. I feel shamed to consider myself a hacker.
I found:


Will start LPing this tomorrowlater today
This hack is kicking my ass. I think I'm trying too hard.
I've gotten all the way to, and past

And I didn't find

until after all that. Now, I give in for the night. It's been a long, hard day for me, or at least, yesterday was.
Wow.  Exploration wise this is indeed a toughie.  I have morph ball and 2 missile packs.  That's it.  I have been all over the map and cannot find a path of advancement.  I was pretty annoyed when one seemingly promising path just looped to a place I had been a half hour earlier. 

Hint where I should go next? 
Ok I have the following:

10 missiles
morph ball
special item

can someone tell me if I'm supposed to figure out how to kill this thing?  If not, I know of another path to take but its far away. 

I've found alot of PB blocks so im hoping PB is next.  BTW, has anyone also found
the artifact chozo yet?

Geez, can't figure out what I needed Charge Beam for.  Those Ninja Pirates only led to an e tank and a supers door that I can't open.  I'm in desperate need of either speed booster, supers or PBs next and can't seem to find any new paths.  I'll check around more but man, DMan hid these things very well...
Wow, before I posted, asking about DMantra, I tried just a little bit of the hack up to an avoidable enemy and died.  I then put this in my hacked PSP so I can play it handheld as well as on the computer.  I was tired, so I had a little nap.  Wow....  I dreamed there was a U.S. presidential race that people were voting in and, probably out of trying to be funny, only two people voted for me while the nation votes for whoever else.  Next thing I know, I'm the president of the United States!!  My younger sister (both are older than me) and friends escort me wherever I go.  With myself riding shotgun, we all go somewhere in a vehicle at night.  Going there, we were going downhill on a road similar to a dirt bike trail with forest at both sides of the road at great speed.  Fortunately we arrive there all in one piece.  The whole time I was wondering when I'd go to the White House.  I was also thinking I don't know enough to run the country and I'm not good at speeches, either.  I was suddenly president of the United States due to two votes and I didn't have a clue how to begin!!  Man, if that ever happened in real life I'd want need a review of the polls....  No two people ever voting for the same guy except in my case.  Wow....

I never thought in a million years a hack could possibly have this effect on me, to have a dream like that after only playing no more than a few minutes of it....  What little I've seen already of this hack is amazing and really cool, including the game over screen.  Wow, will the first few minutes of Aegis have this effect on me as well, before I give it a serious play through as Eris??

Now the screen here says this: Warning - while you were typing 2 new replies have been posted. You may wish to review your post.

I guess this hack is kicking everyone's butt.... laugh new grin new
Finally found charge beam.  I keep finding new paths but they turn out be dead ends.  The environment is so rich with detail that i find myself suspicious of every little thing and end up shooting and bombing for 5 minutes in each room. 
Phazon Vasteel Autobot
Did anyone knows where's the first missile pack?
All aboard the soul train
Quote from Sturmvogel Prime:
Did anyone knows where's the first missile pack?

When you get the Morph Ball, go to the room to the right and head to the bottom right corner. Shoot all the blocks there so you can midair morph into the tunnel. Go down the two elevators, and shoot the right "eye".

That being said, I'm stumped after that, too. Dammit.
Nooooo I have to work today...

I thought I'd just watch some intro movies but you took those out too.
Epic sadface.
I have bad news everyone.  It appears that Eris is unbeatable due to a glitch in the escape sequence in one of the rooms.  All sound turns off, which I thought was on purpose at first, but when you try and exit the room, the game freezes.  And with DMantra gone from the internet for an indetermined amount of time, I'm not sure what to think now...My recommendation is to take a savestate right as the escape timer begins and see if you get this glitch yourself along the way.