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Hello, I'm squishy, been reading these boards for a while and finally finished my first hack, so I'm joining up!

Glad to make you aquantinces now on to the hack!


This is a simple hack, but it changes the way you think about metroid!

The route has been changed, and with it, the order of items you collect.
Boss Battles have been reversed, that means Ridley's first!
Enemy and Boss healths have been modified as well.
RBO CAPABLE!  If you loved the original RBO, then you'll like this one too!  With Kraid first though, you'll need lots of skill!

-Wall jumping is a MUST!
-A general knowledge of the original layout
-Speed Booster OR infinate bomb jump... you'll know when;)

-This game is NOT for beginners. 
-You will NEED to know the layout of the original game otherwise you WILL get annoyed. 
-A clever route doesn't neccesary mean its hard to do.  Think outside the box! 
-Escaping Norfair will suck without 4 energy tanks.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Well have at it!  All comments welcome!

1. CaptainCanada - 3:15, 87%
          FIRST RBO  4:17,  99% (no bombs)
2. Cpadolf - 01:55, 67%
3. FirePhenoix0 - 2:55, 90%
4. DonnyDonavan - 4:10, 88%
5. Cardweaver - 2:23, 99% (No Bombs)
6. Anima Zero - 2:44, 87%.
7. Gaius_4 - 3:43, 88%
8. CymicX - 3:15, 89%
9. Electrometer Prime - 2:52, 59% RBO
10. SapphireRyoko - 4:11, 91%
11. Sturmvogel Prime - 2:29, 89%
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FinalMinuet: 2008-03-06 11:12:55 am
Found one!

In the Wrecked Ship, go through to the spike room to a vertical hallway with two doors, one exiting right and one exiting left above it. The game froze when I walked through the door exiting left.

EDIT: Stuck in the...
...underwater segment after passing through the Wrecked Ship. Dude, where's my Gravity Suit?
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Thx, fixed!

1.1 is up!
Then try something else...
I don't know if this counts as a bug, but I've managed to get myself wedged into areas that are just big enough for Samus to kneel in, but not stand up. Since I don't have the Morphing Ball yet, I can't just roll out. One time is in the room with the biting plants that line the floor and ceiling (stuck between spikes and the platforms). The other is in the room with the Sidehoppers and the bugs that come out of the sideways pipes (stuck in a pipe where bugs don't come out).
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1.2 fixes that, tell me if you see that problem again!

Thanks for all your hard work!  I'm testing it right beside you!

Good luck with the first mini boss!
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Beat you to the next glitch... 1.3 is up

edit:  ok, the problem was MUCH bigger than I had originally thought, but its been fixed, (Hopefully...) in 1.4

edit2: 1.4.5 - ALL bugs fixed up to Spore Spawn

edit3: 1.5 - A certain green crab may have been annoying...fixed
                Hi Jump Boots Area - Fixed
                Early Wave Beam - Fixed

edit4: Having a few problems with Maridia rooms freezing the game... mostly dragoons... almost done fixing it!

edit5: 1.6 is out now.  Dragoons Room fixed!  WOO HOO!  It was a real pain, but the plm are finally working again!  Also, I made Maridia a little easier to enter now.

I hate PLMs...
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Fano7: 2008-03-06 03:28:38 pm
Every Bit Counts
wow, already at 1.6 :P Well I'll test this out.

Edit: I would suggest getting rid of that smc before an admin sees it (it's illegal, and not allowed on this site). you should probably read the forum rules as well.
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I'm updating as I test it.

If any problems AT ALL occur, announce them here.  All the problems that I have fixed are minor PLM problems, or level design problems I didn't notice.

1.6... yep, that will take you all the way to Dragoon at least.
Every Bit Counts
I would suggest getting rid of that smc before an admin sees it (it's illegal, and not allowed on this site). I can't even play it anyways. you should probably read the forum rules as well.
. . .

I'm keeping my IPS files in with my smc files... TOTAL accident

edit: I've read them before, and I know the peneties...  I do thank you though, because it was just an accident, but it could have been a major problem.

Also, theres a problem with the room RIGHT before phantom, and I don't have time today to update it.  Will fix tommorrow.
Every Bit Counts
good thing I told you before nate of someone like him (admins) saw it. you should also mention it's for headered roms. I also managed to get into WS early and get stuck :(
So I've just dashed through Norfair and beaten crocomire.  Now what do I do?  I didn't see any way to continue after the green bubble room and somehow managed to get back to the elevator.  Though I don't think that's where I'm supposed to be seeing as if the player didn't have the 4 energy tanks I've gotten so far they wouldn't be able to make it back.
Every Bit Counts
I don't know where to go after grapple.
You've got to the Wrecked ship and explore it more than you normally would.

I'm currently trying to find Super Missiles.  My last item was
Every Bit Counts
thanks. now, I think it's impossible to get out of here. in the water room out side of WS on the right, it's impossible to get out I think.
I have a question, need this game the Headed or the Headerless JU Rom?
Quote from Fano7:
you should also mention it's for headered roms.
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Gaius_4: 2008-03-06 07:45:37 pm
nvrmd  uNsanes 2 fast 4 me.  Embarassed

"Ironically, this forum tells you if you're simuposting."
I seen that.  I should've looked really really close.  Maybe I was looking for text and not a quote.  I hate myself right now.
Ironically, this forum tells you if you're simuposting.
Eschews avatars
Interesting. I don't think I've ever seen so much random wandering eked out of so few changes. This was fun times, and I liked how late you delayed the morph ball (also, sorry I don't have a screen shot, but you can get stuck just before you get it by spinjumping above the single shot-block).
. . .
After obtaining bombs, the areas really start to open up!

Also, sorry about Norfair, although its hard to get out with 3 tanks, its possible.

ducknerd :Do you know where at, or is this a constant problem?

The Grapple Beam helps more then you might know;)

EDIT: 1.7 is UP!  Wreaked Ship finally fixed, so you can fight Phantom and finally beat the game!  If any other problems occur, post them here, but this SHOULD be the last glitch.  Bugs are sure to be there though... so I'll fix them as they come!

EDIT2: As soon as 1.7 is up... I notice some bugs!  1.7.5 fixes these!

EDIT3: Ok, I finished my run through, and fixed all the bugs/glitches I noticed.  If ANY thing seems unordinary, then PLZ tell me!  Even the slightest problem!  This is a COMPLETE run through the game now.  Good luck, and have fun!
The mission was successfully completed.
Clear Time: 3:15
87% item collection.

This hack was pretty fun. I liked how you deprived samus of morph ball and bombs for so long, and the route was very creative in general.

You should not make it possible to get both plasma and x-ray before draygon, because they make him stupidly easy to kill.
Meri Kurisumasu! ^_^
You can successfully shinespark into the gauntlet and get stuck since you dont have bombs.
. . .
You should not make it possible to get both plasma and x-ray before draygon, because they make him stupidly easy to kill.

Thats only for those willing to explore a little!  Especially Plasma!
edit: With further thought into it, I might change the enterance to needing Super Missles...

Also, now that someone has beaten the game, its time to annonce that the game is... RBO capable!  That means Kraid first, down to Ridley!  Its a real challenge that will leave you playing the game once more!

CaptainCanada: Without revealing locations, what was the most cleverly hidden item?
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Gaius_4: 2008-03-11 12:08:12 pm
I hope this hasn't been said already...

I went outside of the lost ship (as if you were going towards Maridia) and got stuck underwater.  & by that I mean I couldn't jump out.  :P

Edit:  It's not a bug, more like a design flaw...  Or rather a "too bad, so sad, you messed up" kind of situation.  Embarassed