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I'll try to get the tricks on the emulator this week if possible.  The weekend at the latest.  MPH is the only game since Metroid 1 in which I can perform every single trick in the game.
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Tahngarthor: 2008-09-30 10:43:16 am
Bangaa Bishop
Quote from nate:
you might make sure nothing you're about to record isn't already in the run on sda. save you time.

Anything in a full speedrun video should be re-recorded so that it's just that people are seeing and nothing else. Plus consistency is a good thing (i.e. using emulator video). Are you saying (at least some of) the video in the prime sections was culled from full speed runs, rather than recorded specifically for the site?

It might not be the greatest metroid game, but it should still be enshrined here, so however anyone can help, it would be great.
yeah. up to you if you want to rerecord. i'm not going to stop you or anything.
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Tahngarthor: 2008-10-01 01:03:41 am
Bangaa Bishop
Phazar, if you could list a few things, and pick some, we can work together (and not overlap anything).

(note the site hasn't been updated in a fair while- however there is a newer version available than on the front page- you can find it in about 2 seconds on a torrent search engine, just put in no$gba)

The newest version (2.6a) is a lot faster and should run decently on any reasonably modern CPU. The sound emulation is a little scratchy, still. But it works real good now.

*edit* i'm having a little trouble, fraps doesn't seem to want to record the emulator. In fact I can't get  it to record anything that's not fullscreen. Is there an alternative that will work better for this?
change emulator video output mode to opengl or something. or use camtasia.
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Tahngarthor: 2008-10-03 12:25:56 am
Bangaa Bishop
Ok, i've found a reasonably comfortable control scheme for the keyboard and mouse, and I played through the first bit of the game to warm up. Oddly enough I encountered an intermittent glitch that led me to restart once, where I was unable to trigger the event to make the first artifact key appear. It seemed to be about the order I scanned things. Don't know if any such issue exists normally, but it only happened once.

I'm (slowly) scanning through this thread looking for things I can reasonably do for a video, though quite a few of them seem to be more late-game. I have a question about this, waaay back on the second page:

That's right. There is only one Shock Coil gate in the game that you absolutely have to get past. It's the one in Incubation Vault 03. You need it to access the portal that sends you to the rest of the level. However, there are secret worlds in Hunters already where you can pop through the wall and into a secret world. It is reasonable that this could work with normal walls that don't lead to a secret world. If we could pop through the wall near the portal, or find a secret world in IC03, we could skip the Shock Coil. We would need it for getting to the portal and also getting out, so a secret world would need to have entrances on both sides.

Was any way found to skip any of the weaopons, such as this one?

(And is there a more comprehensive list of techniques somewhere as an alternative to sifting through this?)

Finally: What's your preferred codec/format? Is it ok if I have the mouse pointer showing? it would help the player know where i'm "touching" the touchscreen.
Bangaa Bishop
Here's a test video (just demonstrates rocket jumping, did it in a hurry).

I might not be the best canidate for this, i believe the static in the sound is a performance issue. DS games with no 3D where the emulator is running much faster, there is no static in the sound. So someone who has a better system than I do may have better results. That said, it's not tha bad.
mouse pointer is fine. if you're not going to use anri to encode (mq) then i'll need the original, uncompressed video.
Bangaa Bishop
I used camtasia for it, I think it had some option like that.

For whatever tricks I manage to achieve (Still not that good at it :p) do you want me to post a short writeup with it?
if you think one is appropriate. just use existing pages on m2k2 as a style guide. most recent is the prime 3 section where you can see the difference between a desc and "notes" on several pages (originally the whole desc was just "notes").
Ok, I downloaded the emulator but I can't open it.  Something says "Microsoft does not recognize this file type".  How do I open it?
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Zhs2: 2008-10-05 06:40:11 pm
You'd want a more reliable unzipper than WinZip, that's for sure. Go for WinRAR or 7Zip, both are perfectly applicable. I'd recommend 7Zip for its acute "freeness."
No$Gba download complete.  1 quick question: how do I insert cartridges/game cards?  After that, I can start making videos.
red chamber dream
You do realize that you have to use ROMs, right?
I'm new to this emulation stuff.  But if I can use my skills for the good of M2K2, I will.  I need help finding an MPH ROM, however.  I've been surfing Google for a while now, but can't find one that is a US version MPH ROM guaranteed to work with no$gba.  Tahngarthor, I may need your help here.  After that, all I need to do is download Camtasia and start filming.
red chamber dream
Do not ask for ROMs on this forum. Do it elsewhere. Thanks.
Super Metroid Addict
Roms suck! C'mon, you can find the game pretty cheap on ebay or at some used game shop
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Constant Sorrows
That's off-topic discussion.

Also, try to read the whole thread or at least the last page before posting. :|
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Tahngarthor: 2008-10-06 09:46:36 pm
Bangaa Bishop
I will start a new thread for this project.

Roms suck! C'mon, you can find the game pretty cheap on ebay or at some used game shop

This isn't about being cheap, it's about the fact that it's hard to produce video of good quality when your only means of doing so is strapping a camera to your forehead to record video and audio over-the-air. Emulation makes this much easier because you can simply use a screen-capture tool to make videos.
Quote from Parax:
In Data Shrine 2, right as you enter there's a spot in the wall in front of you that you can only fit into in morph ball mode. If you unmorph into it in the right spot you can go through it and jump to the middle part of the room and get Volt Driver early plus the UA expansion in the middle. :P

Still working on a way out though. :( This opens up a lot of possibilities if it turns out to be possible to get out.

Nearly 8 years later:
Bangaa Bishop
Very nice, MPH officially has a sequence break :D
It actually has quite a few, most of them are smaller but they exist nonetheless. This one is pretty much TAS only though.

I have a work in progress TAS that does this and a whole bunch of other things: