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good thinking Derek. I never thought of that. I'll try to test it out sooner or later.

Oh. now i remember.

If you stand in lava and shoot the wall with a weapon that causes splash damage, you only take damage from the lava. Just a little glitch. You dont get knockback either though, i dont think.
I'm pretty sure Kanden can push you through things, too. His alt-form pushed me through a morph ball tunnel once. (it was one of the really small ones that lead to Imperialist and Shock Coil in multiplayer, except in single player). It was the first time I faced Kanden (or at least on the file)
original post from the SW topic, posted by me:

first off, i think most of the credit goes to SamusAranLuver (SAL), as he is the one who posted it in the first place.

anyway, he mentioned somewhere a way to "go through a gate/wall", i think i just did it, in weapons complex, those "frost" walls, if you stand at the edge of a particular one, and try to jump rapidly, you will see that "rapid jump, and glitchy appearance", that you might see when in a mb tunnel. well, i morphed and layed a bomb, and when it went off, i unmorphed, and actually went through the frost wall by holding the d-pad foward and at a slight angle. but the reason i'm posting this here is because if i can angle the position right, i might warp through the wall, instead to the other side. if it has been discovered, then tell me, i'll edit this and take it too the sequence break topic, but this is a awsome trick/glitch.

i tried it with the other "frost walls", but i didn't get that rapid jump thing, but i'll test it out anyways.
I found a game-killing glitch. It can only be done on the first visit to Transfer Lock. When you enter the huge part of the room, force fields appear behind you, blocking the way out, until you activate all the switches. Well, if you go to the lower force field and walk down-right into the corner, you might have hit the right spot facing the right direction. Jump and Samus might go partly through the ceiling. If she doesn't, adjust your view until she does. Now jump again and when she pokes through the ceiling, adjust your view until you get stuck up there. Now start slowly turning your view, and you should pop through the wall. Now blindly make your way to the lower portal and go through it. When you come back, the force field is still there, and there is no way (that I know of) to pop back through.
Hm, I think I've found a way to get a UA expansion before gettting an affinity weapon! :P In ice hive, you can do a tbj up through the hole where the UA expansion is and grab. I'm gonna test it out now cuz I'm not quite sure if you have to ge a weapon before that, but I'm pretty sure you don't.

What a surprise, nothing special happens. Oh well, I guess its just another one of those useless sb's.
Are you allowed to collect ammo in low%? Because I don't see any other way to defeat Slench...
Ready and willing.
If you can't otherwise defeat Slench, then you are allowed to pick up ammo. One size, anyway.

About low%: when you collect ammo/missiles, it adds to your equipment. Since ammo and missiles come in two sizes each and I don't know of any way to tell them apart by looks, turn on the scan visor. If the scan point is faint, it's small; if it's not, it's large (assuming you collected small missiles/ammo first). So only collect whatever it is you collected first.

EDIT: Two notes about speed running: It's possible to beat Sylux before the ship shows up (use Imperialist) and it's possible to beat Weavel while he's inside the tunnel (just be really fast and aim well).
Minor speed trick, I bet this has already been found, but I don't recall reading it anywhere before.

In Alinos Perch you are supposed to activate three platforms, one sends you to the top to scan something to unlock a door to an artifact, and two others that (together) send you to that door. I found that you don't have to activate the last two platforms, instead after unlocking the door make your way to the top ramp below the door. Looking toward the door (which is above and in front of you) there is a ledge to the left, you can use a Charged Magmaul or Super missile jump to get up there, then do another Magmaul/S. Missile jump to land on the ledge with the door. From here you will be blocked by a fence and you won't be able to jump, but you can move along the edge of the ledge to the right until you get to where there is no fence and you should be able to walk up onto the ledge from here.

Again, someone has probably already found this, or found something even better, but I haven't seen it.
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speed trick found...

in celestial archives 2, when you get to the volt driver area, go up to the area where you would go to CA boss 1.

On the right side, there are two blue rods.

stand beside the low one, jump, and slide left onto it. Then, jump out again and push left again to get on the top one.

walk out into the air, jump, and hit the jump pad.

saves 15 seconds at the very least from the elevator. Gets you to the volt driver door at the top w/o the volt driver.
already found by liku. it's somwhere in the 2-5 pages...  Wink
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Quote from Dr. Trence:
already found by liku. it's somwhere in the 2-5 pages...  Wink

aww. :P

I had known about it being likely to do for a while, but i only managed to preform it today.
well, the thought of even trying and discovering it yourself is the thing that counts. i thought i found a big bunch of speed tricks but i soon found out that someone else found it before me. you'll eventually get payed back for those kinda things, how do you think i managed to find all kinds of different sw techniques/sw's? ;)
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meh, i found Imperialist early. thats all that really matters to me. :P
Imperialist early? Wow, I'm sooooo far back on the speed tricks, and no one continued the list I was compiling I assume.
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i meant the imperialist after arcterra 2.... which is essentially imperialist early, considering that prior to that, you could only get imperialist on your 3rd visit. (visit 1 is for judicator and 2 is for arcterra 1 boss, because in between is magmaul get)
TBJ is possible with a bit of luck and effort as im sure i managed to do it once on the second place you visit.
Right over the jumping stones on the lava there are things sticking out of the wall and normally when you first reach it you cant get up there but i decided to use it as a mesure for attempting the TBJ to see how high i get and i managed to get just above them once although im still trying to perfect it i cant seem to do it again yet.
My stratgy was to lay 1 then when in mid flight it respawns so lay 2 so when u land u have 1 left then use that so as it goes off you have 3 bombs again and can lay 1 ready for use when you come back down and 1 in mid flight then as you land use the third just b4 the 1 on floor goes off then if you are lucky they will come back just as you are passing the second one so lay 1 here then 1 at top of jump and as you come back down to floor the final 1 goes off soaring you up through both the others and voila a TBJ.

I got it to work once and i cant get a vid at all but i hope i gave it enough description so some1 with a cam can record it if they can get it to work

I think it could be the timing of the bombs mabee if you place them slightly early you get the three bombs back in time it just needs a little tinkering.
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found a possible gamebreaker glitch yesterday.

in alinos 1 when you are fighting spire, right after you come out of the hole, you can do a rocket jump from one of the floating platforms and get to the higher platform where spire is, instead of fighting him from the ground. then if you go through the door, he is magically not there. Drop through the hole, and when he is shoosting at you, you DBJ up through the hole and shoot him until he goes down (just a faster spire method). I think the portal is open at this time, so you can heal during the spire fight.

When he goes outside, you can rocket jump to the platform scannermabobber, hit it, and go back through the top door and it will continually make the "puzzle solved" sound if you go through the portal.

Once you kill spire, the force fields wont open, and you can only portal out. Im guessing that if you kill the boss, the force fields wont open, and you will be stuck on the escape sequence.
I found that rocketjump trick before, but didn't bother posting it because I found no benefit in it, you still have to drop down before you can fight Spire. However, I never had that force field problem, I guess it only happens if you go through that top door after Spire returns to the main room to finish the fight.
uhh vouge, i already found the tbj. look at it in the sw topic..

that's the 2nd game breaker glitch now lazylen, nice find
It doesn't break your game. I did that during my 100% run, and the shields came up and everything. I remember that I had trouble with it at first, but then just went and beat the boss and was able to get to my ship. I'm pretty sure that there aren't any shields that get in the way of the path to the ship.
Quote from Lazylen:
i meant the imperialist after arcterra 2.... which is essentially imperialist early, considering that prior to that, you could only get imperialist on your 3rd visit. (visit 1 is for judicator and 2 is for arcterra 1 boss, because in between is magmaul get)
Strange route, but I always got the Imperialist in the second visit.
On my post i didnt mean tbj some1 told me that what i meant is a 3bj which is different from tbj and 3bj gives better height as the bombs are all placed at top or near the top of bomb jumps not in middle or below top to get the rocket effect
that would be rekameohs on the scu forums...

but still, 3bj was found by me a long time ago. i can't really understand your previous post above, but if it is a different method than this which i made:  , then you found a different method. but this one is more simpler if you say that you could only do it once, so i don't know
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet but w/e.

This requires a perfect DBJ.
In Fuel Stack (VDO Part2), the area where the Artifact and the Key is located. 
Instead of getting the Key and then walking all the way back up to the first floor to get the Artifact you can just DBJ.  Keep in mind that it has to be near perfect and you also have to unmorph at the end.

The perfect DBJ is pretty hard to do because you have to lay the first bomb the regular way but the second bomb is all about timing.  You have to make sure that the bomb is laid not on the ground but in the air and your morph ball must be touching it to take full advantage of the DBJ height.