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MrSpEeDrUn: 2018-09-06 08:07:34 am
MP2 also a bit MP1 speedrunning
i know this topic is really controversial and right now the community agrees with IGT. I've always been for igt (ingame time) fore the entire decade ive been involved into metroid prime speedrunning until now, because it made perfect sence and everyone considered it as fair.

obviously right now its no big deal. There are only two people with a 51 and frankly they dont care about being tied afaik. So right now its absolutely fine to just keep it the way it is.  But there will be a problem in the future.

This problem is that when you get your time down to maybe a 48 igt SS in any%, people are gonna start tying each other and somebody with a low 48 is gonna have the same ranking as somebody with a high 48. Now that doesnt seem like a problem, but as soon as you get close to an optimal time, the gap between a minute drop can become huge. Therefore saying those people would have the same time would be a really awful idea. a good example are the leaderboards of super metroid, where a lot of people have a 28 minute igt, but they're almost a minute apart RTA. It could be a major task (im talking maybe years of work) to get your time down from a 28 to a 27 if you happened to just get a 28. just imagine somebody getting hundrets of 48's and one guy just gets one and its considered a tie.

now, maybe because of the insane complexity and nature of this games movement, this wont happen anytime soon and maybe people will push it far beyond a 48 SS time. But there is a good chance when people with clearly different skilllevel will start tying each other at some point.
(right now i feel like T3 and justin are pretty equal, afaik they only had a 51 one time and havent bothered to try to improve it yet (?) )

The reason why i make this topic is to kind of prepare for this, maybe there are different routes with less cutscenes, and special ways to skip cutscenes, or discussions to maybe skip certain items to skip those cutscenes aswell. For example, maybe you can skip varia/flaahgra entirely which would actually be super neat (or super annoying) in an any% run cause maybe we will see a VMR happen+force the any% run to collect more e tanks which could make energy management easier or something. (altho right now energy isnt really a problem, even though its rng it doesnt really feel like energy causes the run to be any more rng heavy afaik)

might it be useful or just for fun, put your thoughts about it here.
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Mozzarella Sticks
Hey mrspeedrun,

Unless a bunch of people come in from the Discord, the M2k2 forums are pretty much dead and have been for a while.

My counterargument is that Goldeneye 007's Dam level (I think) had over 100 people tied with what was the world record until recently. While a single segment speedrun is considerably different from an IL, the same concept applies when it comes to in-game time for both games.

Yes, technically what you're saying is feasible regarding a bunch of tied runners, but your scenario of a bunch of people eventually being tied for maybe :48 IGT optimally assumes that the Prime community picks up a significant amount of runners that can make it to Justin or T3's level quickly enough. Otherwise I don't see this happening ever, if not for 10-20 years.