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Building the tables themselves isn't really going to be a pain, but setting up all the different pages for every pak would be. Especially if we want to make changes to the table layout down the road and there's no easy way to preserve work already done on the original layout.
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arkarian: 2015-02-07 01:43:00 pm
red chamber dream
Quote from Antidote:
We could probably setup an SQLite DB, but then that would require an external application to view it :/


i figure it wouldn't be too gigantic though so you can just host a copy somewhere and send it to people
thing is, we don't exactly have all the information on what every file is up front; that's why the "anyone can edit it" part is useful for this
red chamber dream
ah ok that makes sense
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Antidote: 2015-02-07 01:43:40 pm
I don't think having a page for each pak is exactly useful, especially since quite a few of the files appear in multiple paks, notating which paks they appear seems to be a simpler alternative, then you can sort by pak.
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Antidote: 2015-02-07 01:44:47 pm
Antidote: 2015-02-07 01:44:22 pm
On an unrelated note, DKCTF maps are downright massive XD
Retro's games store files using hex IDs instead of names, so like the example I gave Ridley's model is called b2bwhatever.CMDL. So you'd have to actually import the file somewhere, or check what other files use that one, to find out what it actually is.

yeah Antidote, that might be an option. I'd just be worried about whether the pages would get too big that way. I think there's some value in having a page for each file as well. I dunno.
That's true, and that's the problem, no matter which solution we come up with, there will be a downside to it.
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arkarian: 2015-02-07 01:49:49 pm
red chamber dream
does the wiki let you run custom javascript?
No clue.
IIRC, there is an extension that allows you to do that.
the other thing you could do is put them in a google spreadsheet or something and invite people to fill that in, then write some script to export the spreadsheet to something you can just paste into the wiki
red chamber dream
it seems like yall have two separate concerns, gathering information, then displaying it

the wiki is good at the former but not the latter
red chamber dream
grenola yeah that's more or less what i was thinking

gather the data first, then figure out how to display it
IMO it can display the information just fine, the only real problem with it is we end up wanting to change it.
red chamber dream
that's what i mean

it's bad at displaying information because you can't change it easily
red chamber dream
but if you had all the data in some other source you could export it into the wiki like grenola said, and just export again whenever you want to change it
now we're getting into the territory of I-have-no-idea-how-to-implement-this though
red chamber dream
google spreadsheet sounds pretty good to me. you could export the data to csv then write a program to turn it into wiki markup
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arkarian: 2015-02-07 01:59:13 pm
red chamber dream
alternatively you could call it live with javascript in the wiki and do most of the formatting within google spreadsheet, but that's more complicated
I think there is an extension for media wiki to visualize CSVs, I'll use some googlefu to see real quick.
red chamber dream
oh nice, yeah i'm sure there's all kinds of great wiki stuff i don't know about

maybe even an api that lets you call google's speadsheet api
Maybe, but anyway I did find something:
Google spreadsheets sounds like too much maintenance and kinda ruins the point of even having it on the wiki in the first place. To be the most useful it really needs to be possible for anyone to edit it and I really don't want to have to periodically re-export this stuff manually.

If we can find a way to automate it - preferably so editing can still be done in the wiki interface and then saved to a binary format maybe - that would be ideal I think.
red chamber dream
anyone can edit a google spreadsheet, and it's easier than a wiki because you don't need to know any special markup