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I didn't do it, I promise D:
so this is becoming annoyingly complicated, I'm increasingly starting to feel like it would be best done using a relational database although I really hate using RDBMS if I can possibly avoid it. the fact that certain assets appear in multiple PAKs and have multiple versions appearing in multiple games (and even multiple versions of the same game) really ratchets up the tedium of trying to represent everything.

question: roughly how many PAK files are there in prime 3 and each of the the Donkey Kong games?
IMO don't worry about tracking the same assets across multiple games, just treat them as separate. Split it off by game. Gets overcomplicated that way and it's not even necessarily going to be accurate, eg. Elite Pirate (MP1) and Ingsmasher (MP2) are obviously different enemies but share the same CMDL ID.

MP3 has 20 paks, DKCR has 79 paks, DKCTF has 67 paks.
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Antidote: 2015-02-08 01:38:08 pm
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Yeah, trying to keep track of the different versions of the same file will just make it tedious, MP1 from Trilogy is different enough from the original to not warrant such a thing, for one thing the relays are completely different, the GC model was replaced with a Wii, the visor/hud is almost entirely different, among other differences.
same IDs though I'm guessing?
For the most part, iirc the wii/gc model had the same ID.
OK yeah, screw that then lol
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Aruki: 2015-02-08 02:38:42 pm
I tried checking on it. I see CMDL_GameCube (770939c0.CMDL) in both NTSC and Trilogy but it looks like it's actually still a gamecube model in Trilogy. Not sure where the Wii model is.

Also another issue is when you get to assets that are also in MP3... then you might have some things that are still the same assets but different IDs.
Ah, I wasn't aware of that, I did have the wii model up in my viewer at one point, when I get home i'll hunt it down and see what ID it is.
Parax, did you look in GGuiSys, NoARAM, and MiscData? I think it's in one of those.
just NoARAM.
Found the Wii model, it's RS5\770939c0.CMDL. From what I can tell, RS5.pak and Strings.pak contain all the files that were changed between the GCN and Wii releases.
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DJGrenola: 2015-02-08 06:20:51 pm
hmm the AGSCs all differ between versions. NTSC ones are slightly larger, wonder if that's a framerate thing

CSNG too
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Aruki: 2015-02-08 06:45:10 pm
I wouldn't know why... I feel like we should try not to overcomplicate this though. I wouldn't worry about cross-game resources or version differences. One game, one page.
Looking at the named assets, the Wii model is SUPPOSED to have asset ID D1ADA088