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Is this your first time playing a B scenario or something? Cause the Mr. X thing happens in Leon's B scenario as well.
Dood Trigger™
B scenarios are always a continuation of the A story, so it's normal to run into strong enemies early. But the structure of the game is always pretty similar, be it Leon, Claire, A or B.
Quote from Idkbutlike2:
Is this your first time playing a B scenario or something? Cause the Mr. X thing happens in Leon's B scenario as well.


B scenarios are always a continuation of the A story, so it's normal to run into strong enemies early.

Ok that clears it lol
Just cleared Claire's B scenario. It was awesome. I wasn't too impressed with Leon A when I played last year, but this playthrough has done a lot to change my opinion on the game. I'll definitely play Claire A and Leon B next year.

Now I'm just a bit curious - what's the next playthrough? I got to save for another round of NG+. What that about? I think the game had unlockable costumes, so I guess it's for that?
I'm mostly wondering whether the difficulty level stays the same or goes up. Seems like it would start me on Leon's A scenario again, which is a bit of a bummer. It would make more sense to let the placer start on the A scenario he didn't play through before. >_>
Up to you, man. RE2 has loads of content and replay value.
Sorry. With "what's the next playthrough" I meant to ask about what's new/different when loading that NG+ file
Dood Trigger™
You can keep unlocking stuff like weapons and mini-games by getting good ranks. Not much else in NG+.
Ok, thanks for letting me know.

Just started RE 0. I'm still in the train and the game's throwing so many items at me I can't possibly take all of them with me lol
red chamber dream
heh yeah it's kind of item management: the game

just remember that pretty much everything needs to be used at some point
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Just got past the train section. So far, I'm gonna say this game has potential to be my no.1 or no.2 favorite RE game. Love how the antagonist is even cheesier than the ones from Code Veronica, that coupled with a similar atmosphere to that of REmake and probably even better gameplay. It's a winning formula... maybe.

And the last part of that section was just lovely. I started off wasting time dicking around while searching for the break control system codes mentioned in the manual. After a while I gave up, hoping they'd be shown when using the magnet card on the equipment in the rear. So I got there with roughly 1 minute left, used the card, and was confused when I was shown a screen with a num pad and a digital screen showing "00/81". However I was viewing a youtube video with the music from that section just before, and from the comments I already knew that I was going to encounter a "math puzzle". With that knowledge, my first thought was that I had to divide 0 by 81. Of course that'd be just stupid, so I was dumbfounded for a moment until I decided to just try hitting 0. But there was no 0 button. So the timer already hit the 10 second mark when I realized I had to sum up numbers to hit 81. Did the most simple math I could in that time frame and just mashed the 9 key. To end up with 90. I hadn't seen the 10 lights below the digits.
Luckily the game let me go back to the pause screen where the timer didn't run, so I had time to do the math. It was still close. I managed to enter  the second code with roughly 4 seconds on the timer left.
TLDR IT WAS INTENSE and kinda stupid
red chamber dream
yeah dude zero rules. definitely one of the harder re games too since you're basically controlling and fighting with 2 characters at once
The huge portrait in the room where you find the black statue with one wing is damn creepy. Feels weird that you can't inspect it for flavor text.
Dood Trigger™
As long as you're carrying your weapons with you, you should be fine in RE Zero. 2 Handguns (or any other duplicates) are unnecessary IMO. There's plenty of healing items in the new places you visit. You can carry literally everything with you a little at a time, but that's just tedious.

I suggest not leaving the Hookshot too far back when you move to a new area if you don't want to be extremely frustrated at the game.

Glad you're enjoying it!
Thanks for mentioning the Hookshot. I may have forgotten it later on otherwise since I still haven't needed it once in the mansion.

I'm surprised how early I got the grenade launcher. Without item boxes I thought the game wouldn't load the player with ammu and weapons like the other games do.

Now I have a question. Do I need to know chess to solve the room with the chess puzzle? Or is there a hint somewhere? I don't want to waste my time learning chess to maybe find out that chess knowledge wasn't needed in the end lol
red chamber dream
yeah iirc you actually do need to know how to play chess to solve that. you at least have to know how the pieces move and how to win the game, so yeah
alright. thanks for letting me know!
Turns out i just needed to copy the pattern on the small chess board. Should have taken a closer look yesterday
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Da Dood: 2015-11-15 04:36:50 pm
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Dood Trigger™
No, you don't need to know chess at all. The pattern is on the desk. EDIT: Oh, you figured it out... yeah.

They do give you the Grenade Launcher super early and that's one of the big complaints people have about Zero. Your inventory will soon be pretty much full and you'll have to decide what to bring and what to ditch behind.
red chamber dream
oh wow i forgot about that, sorry ryu

i think maybe i solved it without that? you have to make a checkmate right?
Quote from arkarian:
oh wow i forgot about that, sorry ryu

i think maybe i solved it without that? you have to make a checkmate right?

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ryu: 2015-11-22 02:01:34 pm
Just walked through the door with the water symbol lock and encountered the first maggot zombie in a long time. I used Billy with the shotgun and had Rebecca set to shoot at it with her handgun. Both characters still suffered a good amount of damage.

Feels like I'm supposed to have the grenade launcher or molotov cocktails ready at all times just in case I run into these from now on. I don't think I like that. :/
I don't think there are too many situations in that game where you can't just run past the leech zombies and out the other door while they're still getting set up

it's been a very long time since I played it
Guess that's an option in almost all cases when it comes to survival horror games. It's not my style though. I like my rooms and hallways clean to explore and backtrack through in peace.

And woah at Rebecca not being able to play Piano. That's some nice character development I didn't expect in this series.
red chamber dream
i can't imagine playing an re game without running past everything lol. i think those games are designed to slowly build your confidence until you realize it's not only possible but also far more efficient
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DJGrenola: 2015-11-22 03:22:01 pm
yeah I dunno

in RE1 I don't think you have a lot of choice or you just run out of ammo, and the crimson heads in the remake kind of push you even further in that direction

in 2 you could be a lot more trigger happy though

all those games play so wildly differently depending on whether you know where you're going or not