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Just beat RE5 with my friend. We co-opped the entire thing and I have to say the game really feels designed to be played co-op.

The only issue I have is with the quick button presses and a small bit of network lag. We got killed at least a few times because of even the slightest lag. The beginning has very few so it isn't an issue but as you get further they add more and more.

Next is Mercenaries which does support online and splitscreen co-op by default (heard some rumors this would be DLC that you pay for).
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Ntsc: 2009-03-16 07:20:56 am
Arrgg more people need to be playing this game. Me and my friend are currently ranked #8500 & #8501 world wide for fastest completion time on normal (plus or minus a few ranks as this is updated constantly). Total time is updated when you play through again. This game isn't like RE4 where you are forced to play off of "files". I can't really explain it but the save system in this game is a testament to Capcoms ingenuity as it allows you to easily transition between Single - Co op - Splitscreen along with being able to replay sections with no ill effects (in fact you usually benefit from doing so). You have to play it to understand.

Even the second play through, with 2 max upgraded weapons each, Normal was extremely intense. If I had to sum up RE5 it would basically be "BEHIND YOU! HEAL ME! HOLY SHIT! RUN!". The game stays intense the entire way through with small breaks so you don't die of a heart attack.

Some non-story spoilers below
I fucking hate reapers (the oroborus bug praying mantis things that one shot you). Oh my god even with infinite ammo on my Handgun and Machine Gun and my friend having infinite Shotgun and Magnum we struggle with these guys so hard. They move WAY to fast and the room that you deal with 2 Reapers + 2 Chaingun zombies is just...@#$%@#.

If you want infinite ammo for your guns you have to max them out as far as upgrades then go to the bonus menu and purchase it with bonus points(earned by getting ranks in chapters) then enable it in the Special Settings Menu (works in co-op btw). I think it is ~10k for Handgun / Shotgun, 15k for the rest, and the "super weapons" (only purchasable after maxing out a previous item) are 20k. The only exception to this is the Rocket Launcher which requires that your total time when all chapters are added up is Under 5 hours. This is much easier than it sounds. Me and my friend were on our 2nd play through and when we finished 5-3 it unlocked and we died like 30 times on Wesker our first playthrough.

Below is something I HIGHLY recommend you do after beating the game (explanation why within). No real spoilers involved but I'm tagging it because it is a glitch and some would consider it cheating.
There is currently a glitch in the game that lets you duplicate items(can google it I don't want to explain). I highly recommend abusing it with Golden Eggs or Rotten Eggs AFTER you've beaten the game once. The game does NOT award you a huge some of gold for completing it and purchasing upgrades is unbelievably expensive. So much so that it would probably take you 12-15 playthroughs to earn enough. This will likely be patched out very soon.

Major Plot / Creature spoilers
lol zombies with guns. You are so @#$^ed. Also Wesker = best boss fight...like...ever. Extremely epic. Extremely hard. Completely satisfying end to this game.

Personally when I first started playing RE5 I was worried I might have made a bad investment and purchased a kinda "meh" game. The game received a relatively low rating for games this generation (86 on MetaCritic) and the demo really cemented in the fact that RE isn't about "Survival Horror" anymore. As you can tell though my feelings have changed and I really think RE5 is massively underrated because reviewers simply didn't play co-op.

So what are your thoughts of the game so far?
i personally like the game, beat it in about 3 days with my friend and i playing co-op split-screen. at first we thought that this was going to be an "ok" game, but after playing through and progressing, we enjoyed it all the way through. We did, however, have problems with ammo as in we ran out alot and we started knifing zombies just to save ammo, but by the end of chapters 3-1, we were full of ammo and were figuring out how be "economic" with it. it was a freakin' B@$% to beat wesker at the end though, took us about an hour... but well worth it.

        Me and my friend are planning to do a hangun run through the game just to get alot of money and upgrade everything as soon as possible.
It takes a serious fuckton of money to max upgrade all of your weapons. Easily over a million gold. It costs ~170,000 exchange points to get infinite ammo for all of them to. I have the money but no where near the required points. Have done 2 normal runs, 1 amateur run, 1 veteran run (holy shit Ndesu is SO HARD), and going to do a professional run next.

What difficulty did you play on?
red chamber dream
played through normal alone; thought it was very easy in comparison to re4's normal mode. played through all of veteran and most of pro with my cousin last night and this morning. veteran was still quite easy, but probably because i had a few fairly upgraded weapons to use—namely the m3 shotty and s75 rifle—though he doesn't have the game and therefore had to make a new profile and start with nothing.

pro was a little more difficult, but still nothing too bad as long as you have decent magnums. i just buy a magnum, then sell it (so i get the ammo) before each chapter with difficult enemies, such as the tribal chiefs. reapers weren't too bad either; one of us stood back and sniped while the other blasted with the shotgun.

all in all a very fun game that i enjoyed both alone and with a partner. spent a half hour doing the rotten egg glitch this afternoon, so now i have every decent weapon in the game, all fully upgraded. :)
How do you not have infinite ammo for at least 2 of your weapons by your 3rd playthrough?

I've got infinite ammo for nearly all of my weapons. PSG-1 (Rifle), MP5 (MG), M92F (original HG), Hydra (SG), Lightning Hawk (Mag), S&W M500 (Mag), and Rocket Launcher.

The underlined weapons I had infinite ammo for durring my second play through before I found out about the egg duping glitch.

Anyway I highly recommend switching to the PSG-1 if you haven't already Arkarian. It is just amazing compared to the S75.
red chamber dream
i unlocked infinite ammo for the vz61 machine gun during my first playthrough (since i wanted the gatling gun asap). i didn't want to use it because i wanted to finish the game "legitimately", and do the same in subsequent playthroughs with my cousin. it's honestly not nearly as fun when you don't have to worry about ammo. hectic = awesome.

and yeah, i've gotten infinite ammo on a bunch of other guns, too, but haven't really played around with it yet.

the reason i was using the s75 was because i already had it upgraded quite a bit (since it unlocks the longbow), and it's far more powerful than any other rifle (though obviously there's a lot of time required between shots, which probably makes an automatic's damage per second higher).
but yep, of course the h&k psg-1 is the best rifle since it's automatic, has crazy zoom, and is just all-around bad ass. i started upgrading it midway through my first playthrough and have since finished upping it.
Yeah I didn't actually know you could get infinite ammo until I had finished the game. I don't think you can actually purchase infinite ammo until you beat it anyway.

Quote from arkarian:
it's honestly not nearly as fun when you don't have to worry about ammo. hectic = awesome.

It must have been me and my friend against the dynamic difficulty grade (normal is actually difficulty 2 all the way up to difficulty 7 depending on how well you do - http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps3/file/929198/55900). Veteran was hard and hectic as hell in some situations with infinite ammo. Most of the game was easier yes but a few rooms stayed extremely hard because of how much damage you take from hits an how few health items there are available.

Ndesu (giant thing that you fight on the truck) was so hard for me and my friend on veteran. We died like 4 times on him. The first boulder toss is easy since you can use the barrel but I kid you not he thew 3 boulders at us in one attempt. When we finally killed him it took us 3 "shoot the thing on his back" phases and finished with 1/20th of our health remaining.

Anyway if you really want to sweat play Mercs. Ammo isn't even what makes it hectic. Just play the level that starts out with 2 chainsaw zombies, or the level that just starts spawning the lickers like crazy. Nothing really matches the Flaming Executioner though.
red chamber dream
yeah, ndesu was the only boss that took us a few attempts to kill. it really helps if he goes and gets a boulder just once, so you can stop it by blowing up the barrel back there. hardest part is making sure the majinis don't kill you, though.
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Ntsc: 2009-03-24 02:32:59 am
Finished pro about an hour ago. Pretty hard. Absolutely requires you to carry 2-3 First Aid sprays at all times. Apprently when playing single every shot you take knocks you down to half health but playing co-op means every hit you take instantly puts you into dying and your partner has literally 2 seconds to heal you or you die (and that is what me and my friend played on). Hardest boss on pro was probably
Wesker + Jill though though Final boss Wesker part 1 is pretty rough. He did something I never saw on any of the other difficulties where you get stuck standing right in front oh him being forced to dodge his like "hand through your chest" motion.

Worst part about pro: if you press the wrong button during a quick time event you instantly die. Easy to do for most of the cutscene style ones. Extremely hard to do against the final boss since the buttons seem mostly random.

The final Majin are annoying as hell. One hit usually equals instant death since they hit you 3 times in row.


Currently ranked 683 on Professional All chapters (3:17'08"). My friend above me is blurred out so people don't bug him but feel free to bug me - NtscCobalt on PSN.

As you can see this is world wide but I don't think this includes the PC and 360 in rankings since I can look at profiles for all of these people.
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Ahaha, the bots are quoting now? How quaint!
red chamber dream
banz0r'd, as they say
you're not going to remove the link?
red chamber dream
oh, i guess i could
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Could we turn this into a general RE thread? Remake Remake is coming out soon along with Rev 2.
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Ntsc: 2015-05-19 12:09:54 am
Changed - only 4 months late to the day. Anyway I really really enjoyed Remake the first time. I'd buy Remake if I didn't already own the GC version.

Anyone played Revelations 1 or 2? I watched a few videos and I noticed it on sale the other day so any thoughts are welcome.
red chamber dream
i have revelations 1, been meaning to play it. i'm sure i'll play it soon seeing as how i don't want to get too far behind on that series
Played the first bits of RE2's Claire Scenario B. Seems interesting so far. Almost like some kind of hard mode. Are the Leon and Claire scenarios always the same, or do they vary a bit depending on whether you play them as scenario A or B? I mean this in terms of gameplay. I know there's at least extra story stuff in Scenario B.
Other than having slightly different puzzles and collectibles, not really.
So it's normal for Claie to run into Lickers within the first 10 minutes of gameplay with just a handgun equipped? And no trace of a map?

Well, you do that in Scenario A for both characters. :|
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ryu: 2015-10-17 04:29:27 pm
I don't remember it like that for Leon. Weren't they introduced a bit later and with some foreshadowing? I just ran into a room with multiple of them with Clair and the game just started lol
Well it's not like you can't just run past them or anything.
And a few rooms later a heli flys by to casually drop a Tyrant on me. Just...damn. Leon's game was such a cakewalk on all levels and now this lol