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05/15/16 UPDATE: Version 3.2 released. DOWNLOAD

Since Claris is at SGDQ, I'm releasing the randomizer for her. Download link is attached to this post! Check the included readmes for instructions on how to use it. It's also bundled with my pak tool (aptly named PakTool).

For anyone who's not familiar, the randomizer will shuffle around items to random positions, which basically gives you a fresh experience every time you play it. By default, the Missile Launcher, Morph Ball, Morph Ball Bombs, and Artifact of Truth are left in their original locations. Everything else can be just about anywhere.

This is the first release version of the randomizer, so it's a little lacking in functionality at the moment; there are no checks to make sure all the items are actually possible to collect, meaning there's a good chance of getting a randomization that's not actually possible to finish. It's still a great deal of fun regardless IMO, and improvements are coming.

Enjoy :P

Also, keep in mind since different ISO ripping tools have different folder heirarchies, you should pick one and stick with it. If you're going to rebuild the ISO using GC Rebuilder, then you should rip the ISO using GC Rebuilder (and also replace the files in &&systemdata according to this post). If you're planning to run this on Dolphin without rebuilding the ISO at all, then you should rip the ISO with Dolphin.
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my umbrella goes directly to Bankai

there goes my night.
There goes my life.
Miles and I should try this out at SGDQ in the practice rooms
I randomized every room into Grand Abyss.
Quote from MilesSMB:
I randomized every room into Grand Abyss.

that doesn't sound very random.

I think it means he doesn't have windows.
Yeah, we don't have builds for other platforms at the moment. Sorry :s
It most definitely means that I don't have a windows computer. Dammit... that's ok though :)
what's supposed to be happening when i dump the 5 paks?
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Aruki: 2014-06-21 08:14:52 pm
You should get five folders in the root directory with a bunch of files in them.

If that's not happening, what are you doing to try to dump them?
i edited the dump_Metroid2-6 thing in notepad and replaced the [root_directory] with the remainder of the path pointing to each pak.
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Aruki: 2014-06-21 08:21:07 pm
ok, so if that's still in the same folder as PakTool that should work then. If you're sure everything's correct and the file path is correct I'll need some more information to figure out what's wrong. What happens when you run it?

I can come on IRC to try to help you get it sorted out if you want, I guess
i seemingly figured it out. needed to put quotation marks around the path. <_<
ah, yeah, that's required anytime the path has a space in it; otherwise the program reads it as two separate arguments. Good everything's working.
The randomizer throws an exception if you execute it in a path without a "logs" carpet and another collateral issue: I need to execute the GC rebuilder from a virtual sandbox on Windows 8, otherwise just crashes >_>
Yeah Miles actually mentioned earlier today that he wasn't sure it would work properly without the logs folder, but since he was going to SGDQ today he couldn't look into it for a while. That's why the logs folder is included in the archive... would be a silly reason to delay the release by 10 days or so. Definitely something that will be easy to fix for the next revision though.

I've had some issues with GC Rebuilder as well on Windows 7, but it works most of the time and it's the best tool I know of to do this stuff. Not sure if there's a better one out there somewhere.
So if I want to play it on a USB on my wii with homebrew is there something special I have to do? I don't really know how it works. I have just seen you and Miles do it on twitch, Parax. I have Usb Loader gx from when I had someone put Ganges on my Wi but that is about as much add I know. a little help would be greatly appreciated.
What do I even have to do to get it to run on an emulator, because i just tried and it said it could not load the file
Anywhere, everywhere
Aw, this is awesome.

You know what would be nice - a Wii homebrew tool that automatically applies the patch when its run so I won't have to take out my external hard drive and do it myself when I want to run the randomizer again. :P
how exactly do you repack the iso in gc rebuilder?
Root (Open the folder that has the ISO uncompressed) Root->Save (Give a name) Root->Rebuild
i get an error when i select the root. if i continue anyway the rebuild option isn't selectable. are you supposed to leave the 5 folders and the 5 text files that were generated there or remove them?