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This.. is awesome. thank you so much, bioniclegenius!

Fear Me! (Or else...)
No Prob. So, how many boss runs completely did anybody last? In other words, how many times did anybody beat Ridley?
After I killed ridley, the door on the top of the room stayed locked, stopping me from progressing..
is this because I went into the room with the broken metoid case, and the event loaded wrong? :-s
Fear Me! (Or else...)
I found that problem already. The room with the metroid case wasn't supposed to be there. It was supposed to lead to a turn around room, which was supposed to lead back to Kraid. I fixed that, but I can't figure out how to make Kraid appear again... Oh well. I am still working on this, so expect updates. Try downloading the patch again from the site. Thanks for the input, though!
if you right click "species" and change the special to something else, that might help fix your problem.
or, you could also do something to the "bosses 1" event to preventing it from happening.
..or forget about kraid. he was practice compared to ridley Wink

also, I think I'm getting really off topic. Rolling Eyes
Fear Me! (Or else...)
Not really... but I tried to modify the second state, like what triggers it. I did what you told me to, but it wouldn't change it. Also, I'm working on making it so that I can eliminate the turn-around rooms. Anything else? I'll have the new patch on the site pretty soon - it'll say version 4 next to it when I have it up.
Fear Me! (Or else...)
Well, I'll put up the new patch, and stop for now. This is starting to get pretty tedious... However, I have the rooms all working, except that Kraid and Ridley won't come back, but it's working, other than that. Enjoy what I have now!
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Bloodsonic: 2008-08-04 08:01:22 pm
I just went through my files and found a training ground similar to yours, so I updated it with my new graphics to release it.(No boss rush thing.. :()
If i get the idea of that boss rush thing, you defeat the four bosses as many times as possible? sounds fun, but what if someone made something similar but designed 3-4 of each boss room, so that each time you circle, the battle becomes slightly harder due to the arena. I know its possible to have a boss exist in another room besides its own, but dont know how, so that combined with the boss never disappearing could be awesome.
Fear Me! (Or else...)
This is just training, so you can get used to boss battles and getting used to bosses themselves.
Quote from Bloodsonic:
I just went through my files and found a training ground similar to yours, so I updated it with my new graphics to release it.(No boss rush thing.. :()

I like this, but I would appreciate it very much if you would not call it the same thing I called my minihack, which was released here awhile ago.
It might be the same as yours Cardweaver...he said he found it in his old files and just retiled. I assume without permission if it is your hack.

ANyways, I'm not checking if it's yours because I don't download baby hacks anymore.
No, it's not mine. It's another hack.
Fear Me! (Or else...)
It's not his. I never said I found it in old files. I had never heard of it before, and thought it might be a good idea. I made it from scratch yesterday. Also, when I try to change what makes the second state trigger and hit okay, nothing changes for the ridley room and the Kraid room. Can anybody help me with this? The boss loop works perfectly, except Kraid and Ridley are not there the second time.
I was talking about Bloodsonic's.  :-s If it's not yours Card then nvm.
huh. sorry, I've never seen that thread/ ips patch. I'll rename it right away.
Fear Me! (Or else...)
Not a post made by me. Maybe somebody found my password?
Fear Me! (Or else...)
Not a post made by me here. Wondering what's going on....
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Acheron: 2008-08-08 11:16:44 pm
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Durh-hurh, this wasn't the thread I was looking for.
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Quote from Bloodsonic:
Insomnia, didn't you make this bluesuit patch? if so, can you tell me how it works?
also, here's deathtroid, fizzer.

is the deathtroid un headered or headered
instead of waiting for an answer, try the patch on both headered and unheadered.
the one that crashes is obviously the wrong one.
Fear Me! (Or else...)
Did somebody steal my account, or something? I never posted those things earlier. Maybe I ought to change my password, or something? I've been away for the past several days, because of lack of computer access and I also recently bought Metroid Prime, the first metroid game I've played outside of SM, lol laugh new.

Or were those posts Acheron or some other mod using my account for a minute? Seriously, I never posted in this topic before.
this topic is quite old. James Kennon just bumped it. you may have forgotten >_>
Fear Me! (Or else...)
Yes, but I remember making two of those posts... in the Training topic. Not here. And I specifically remember never making any one-word posts. Anyways... I think this is a bad use of this topic. Sorry guys!