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Hitokiri: 2011-10-31 06:48:46 am
Looked around and didn't see it posted anywhere.


Here is a trailer for the demo.

Thread title: 
There have been demos out for a while.

Though not one containing actual game sections.

Personally, I'm waiting for when I can play it with a USB controller.
I just can't play metroid games on a keyboard.
Quote from sabata2:
There have been demos out for a while.

Though not one containing actual game sections.

Personally, I'm waiting for when I can play it with a USB controller.
I just can't play metroid games on a keyboard.

This has controller support. Dancing
I like turtles.
Controller support has always been wonky in AM2R demos.  Recommend JoyToKey or XPadder if you need to use a controller.
I just buzzed through the demo a few minutes ago, and overall I liked what I saw. SR388 has never looked better (despite there being a lot of empty space, but that's on par with the game itself so I can't knock it too much for that) and the layout was recreated quite thoroughly while still being updated to modern gameplay mechanics. I especially liked the subtle touch of running through the first hallway and the ruins area and seeing the surface visible through the background.

Now it may just be me, but the diagonal aim button had a long fight with me while I played because it never seemed to want to point in the direction I needed it to. I'd press it and it would be pointing the opposite way (usually down when I was trying to aim up at an Alpha, for instance) and it caused me a lot of issues. Could be because I was on a keyboard, could just be me screwing up with it, who knows.

Finally, the Alphas themselves:
I'm not sure where I stand on these guys. I have to give the team props for making them harder than they used to be, but for me it felt like they went a bit too far for being as early in the game as this. Again, it could just be my skills with the game engine, but when I was down in the breeding grounds beneath ruins 1 and had to run back to the save point and recharge after EVERY battle with an Alpha, I know something's wrong. They never seemed to want to comply with my wish to go high enough where I could aim at their weak points, and in one room (the bottom right I think) the only way I could get it finally was to jump in the damaging plants, take constant damage, and spam missiles up at it the whole time. There isn't enough room and safe landing spots in the battle "arenas" to be able to get clear shots at them without either jumping into their faces or landing on something that will either hurt me or put me in a bad position.

Oh, and that new Chozo machine boss on the way back from ruins 1 to the main path? Totally unexpected and it ended up being an interesting fight with the different attacks it had. But, either I was being dumb and didn't think to use my Charge Beam against it, or it has A TON of HP for a boss that early in the game. It took all of my missiles (I think I had 60ish total) to take it out, where I literally fired my last one and had 7 energy left when it was destroyed. Granted, I did miss with quite a few of them, but that's not the point.

Eh, I'm not sure if anyone from the AM2R development team will ever see this, but feedback is always appreciated, right?
I like turtles.
Yeah, the Chozo thingy boss had an inordinate amount of HP, I thought.  Probably because it's so easy to hit.  But still.
So... yeah. Forget what I said about the Alphas for the most part. They are still more of a pain than they usually are, but after a second playthrough of the demo I handled them a lot better. (Doesn't hurt I found a 2nd E-Tank and another missile pack this time around after I explored everywhere I could.)

It also doesn't hurt that I found out I was being stupid and there was an option to have the diagonal aiming be more like Super where 1 button has you aim up and another has you aim down. Once I fixed that I had no further aiming problems whatsoever.
I thought the AM2R demo was very good along with having excellent music. I played it on the keyboard like any other Metroid game on my PC.

I see that the Alpha Metroids offer a better challenge than the ones in the original(never played original game, but seen that they weren't much of a problem before). What's interesting is that the Alphas gradually got enhanced, especially that last one where it started dodging your missiles.

Overall, the demo is very well done and I look forward to how the other Metroid evolutions play out.
Bangaa Bishop
I felt that the metroids needed to drop a scattering of pickups- they're boss caliber difficulty, they almost killed me every time. Once on the last one I actually goofed on a jump and died after I killed it =\