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Prime World Editor v1.2.3

This build adds support for quickplay. There is a new button in the world editor that, when clicked, will immediately launch Dolphin and boot the game into the map you're editing. You can control Samus's spawn position in the editor; she will spawn wherever the editor camera is located, or you can right click -> play from here and Samus will spawn in the spot you clicked on.

This tweet has a video showing the feature in action:

Heavy caveat: Only the v1.088 GameCube version of MP1 is supported (NTSC 0-00). Other games & builds are a possibility in the future but currently they do not have this feature.

The game-side functionality for this is implemented via a PrimeAPI patch, and the source code for that can be found here:
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Hey all; quick development update

I'm gonna officially put out a call for more contributors to the project. It's been becoming more and more clear to me that I don't have the kind of time I need to implement all the features I want in any sort of reasonable timeframe, especially as the amount of free time I have has shrunk drastically over the last ~2 years or so. I don't like the idea that this project lives or dies based on my own personal ability to work on it. I've always felt it had a lot more potential than just what I've been able to do with it on my own, and I'd like to see that potential get realized at some point.

If anyone's interested in contributing to PWE (working on whatever features you're interested in), please let me know! I realize there might be a learning curve to get started especially as the build system is not very easy to use, but I'd be glad to take some time out to smooth that out and make it easier, and assist newcomers in getting started, if anyone is interested.

You can get in touch with me here or on the Metroid Prime Modding Discord Server.