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One minor nitpick: you should have the size right-aligned, other than that it looks great :3
The current UI is kinda-placeholder since I want to have thumbnails at some point (although it may be a while)... that's why sorting is on a combo box instead of by clicking the columns of the table. But I fixed it anyway :P
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Antidote: 2016-07-11 04:24:42 pm
Ah yeah, when I wrote my pakviewer I had everything in a table widget with a sorting model, never got around to adding thumbnails, though I wanted to add them. Though thanks for taking my advice, bet it looks 10x better now :3

Mine also had a search feature, like yours.
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How do I change the "Memo Type" in Corruption?
No idea, it's probably one of the unknown properties? Try changing them and figuring out what they do. Let us know if you figure it out so we can update the repo templates.
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Odylg: 2016-07-30 06:02:34 am
Odylg: 2016-07-30 03:56:46 am
I run this here hotel of an evening
speaking of that

  3  | Forward              01 (L-Stick Up)
  7  | Backward              02 (L-Stick Down)
  B  | Turn Left            03 (L-Stick Left)
  F  | Turn Right            04 (L-Stick Right)

13  | Strafe Left          03 (L-Stick Left)    Object Far needs to be held
17  | Strafe Right          04 (L-Stick Right)  Object Far needs to be held

1B  | Look Left            03 (L-Stick Left)    Look Hold1 needs to be held
1F  | Look Right            04 (L-Stick Right)  Look Hold1 needs to be held
23  | Look Up              02 (L-Stick Down)    Look Hold1 needs to be held
27  | Look Down            01 (L-Stick Up)      Look Hold1 needs to be held

2B  | Jump/Boost            10 (B)
2F  | Fire/Bomb            0F (A)
33  | Missile/PowerBomb    12 (Y)
37  | Morph                11 (X)

3B  | Aim Up                00 (None)
3F  | Aim Down              00 (None)
43  | Cycle Beam Up        00 (None)
47  | Cycle Beam Down      00 (None)
4B  | Cycle Item            00 (None)

4F  | Power Beam            05 (C-Stick Up)
53  | Ice Beam              06 (C-Stick Down)
57  | Wave Beam            08 (C-Stick Right)
5B  | Plasma Beam          07 (C-Stick Left)

5F  | Toggle Holster        00 (None)

63  | Orbit Close          00 (None)
67  | Orbit Far            09 (L 1/2)              Strafe ON
6B  | Orbit Object          14 (L Full)            Lock on. Doesn't allow you to strafe, see Object Far for that.
6F  | Orbit Select          00 (None)
73  | Orbit Confirm        00 (None)
77  | Orbit Left            03 (L-Stick Left)
7B  | Orbit Right          04 (L-Stick Right)
7F  | Orbit Up              01 (L-Stick Up)
83  | Orbit Down            02 (L-Stick Down)

87  | Look Hold1            0A (R 1/2)
8B  | Look Hold2            00 (None)
8F  | Look Zoom In          11 (X)
93  | Look Zoom Out        12 (Y)
97  | Aim Hold              00 (None)

9B  | Map Circle Up        02 (L-Stick Down)
9F  | Map Circle Down      01 (L-Stick Up)
A3  | Map Circle Left      03 (L-Stick Left)
A7  | Map Circle Right      04 (L-Stick Right)
AB  | Map Move Forward      05 (C-Stick Up)
AF  | Map Move Back        06 (C-Stick Down)
B3  | Map Move Left        07 (C-Stick Left)
B7  | Map Move Right        08 (C-Stick Right)
BB  | Map Zoom In          0A (R 1/2)
BF  | Map Zoom Out          09 (L 1/2)

C3  | SpiderBall            0A (R 1/2)
C7  | Chase Camera          09 (L 1/2)

CB  | XRay Visor            0E (D-Pad Right)
CF  | Thermo Visor          0C (D-Pad Down)
D3  | Enviro Visor          0D (D-Pad Left)
D7  | No Visor              0B (D-Pad Up)
DB  | Visor Menu            00 (None)
DF  | Visor Up              00 (None)
E3  | Visor Down            00 (None)

E7  | UNKNOWN 1            15 (R Full)        Show Reticle (not the "crosshair")
EB  | UNKNOWN 2            00 (None)
EF  | Use Shield            00 (None)
F3  | Scan Item            09 (L 1/2)        Used with "Orbit Object" to allow scanning while locked on with the Scan Visor.
F7  | UNKNOWN 3            0D (D-Pad Left)
FB  | UNKNOWN 4            16 (Start)
FF  | UNKNOWN 5            0C (D-Pad Down)
103  | UNKNOWN 6            0E (D-Pad Right)
107  | UNKNOWN 7            09 (L 1/2)        Cycle pause menu left
10B  | UNKNOWN 8            0A (R 1/2)        Cycle pause menu right

also the Z and Start buttons actually can be used for other things (like changing visors for example) but only if you pause/go to map first then hold z or start to unpause/close map. the action will be taken after the menu fully goes away.

EDIT: how do i import a rebuilt Metroid1.pak back into the game image?
dunno, with Corruption and DKCR I've always just set up Dolphin to load from the extracted directory.
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I wouldn't mind doing that except Corruption runs at a craptastic average 4% speed.
To do any sort of testing i need to get it back onto my wii.

I know with Prime 1 using GCR i can import the repacked pak directly to the image which is on a USB drive. Saves a ton of time not rebuilding the whole image because with USB I just switched the drive back and forth.

i was hoping (but not really expecting) for a similar method, even if i have to completely rebuild and transfer each time. still faster than running it on Dolphin

Oh well. thanks anyway
There probably is one, I've just never used it.
I run this here hotel of an evening
k, changed some settings, now running around 30%.

You'll also want to extract the dol and the apploader which are separate menu buttons.

i found the apploader, but where's the dol file?
If you right click the root directory in the Dolphin filesystem tab there's an "Extract Dol" button.
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Odylg: 2016-07-30 07:15:49 pm
I run this here hotel of an evening
ahhh, i wasn't clicking the disc image, i was clicking the name lol thanks

Edit: Is docking/undocking the render window something planned anytime soon by chance? Resizing is extra annoying knowing i have 2 monitors to use.

Actually, it'd be nice to be able to separate the tabs too, to see Modify and Instances at the same time.
If not it's cool. I can just switch tabs with the keyboard. Not trying to be picky/impatient. I'll be happy with whatever whenever lol
I'm likely not gonna be making substantial UI changes to the world editor for a while short of making it functional with the new project interface.
I run this here hotel of an evening
Quote from Parax:
Yeah I know about that, it's a caching problem. The last area you loaded stays in memory until you load a new one, and since PWE sees there's already an area in memory with the same ID, it pulls up the old one instead of loading the new one. Need it to be clearing the cache every time you switch areas/worlds, but until that is implemented you need to load a different area/world with a different ID before you load a new version of the same one.

I've been meaning to ask: was this issue ever fixed? I've been just closing PWE instead of switching to a different ID area/world because it's a good bit faster. Closing PWE does clear the cache doesn't it? I guess it doesn't matter if it's been fixed already.
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Aruki: 2016-07-31 11:41:09 am
It's not fixed but I think it will be by the next release build.
I run this here hotel of an evening
ah, cool. glad i was still being cautious, though i do keep clean backups anyway so even if i hadn't, no big deal. Unless I accidentally use a backup. Again -_-
You prolly won't be using backups by accident in the future, lol. The way you open levels for editing and the way the editor keeps track of the game data is going to be completely different in the next release.
nodtool is able to rebuild Wii images, though it's not been tested with a complete play through yet.
I run this here hotel of an evening
Was gonna ask how to use but i got it now. Thanks
Cool! Let us know how it works out! :D
I run this here hotel of an evening
Well, getting it onto my Wii is gonna be annoying. My 2 thumbdrives won't read in either Wii USB port. One of them won't even read on the computer anymore. There's some micro SD "trickery" to do, but in the meantime it does work in dolphin, so I at least know it rebuilt fine ^_^
Sorry for the random bump, I downloaded the editor to try it out, but it says that I'm missing an msdvr file? I tried re-downloaded visual c++, I think that's what I need? But still nothing.  :/  Yeah, I know nothing about this sort of stuff, but I'd love to.
You probably need the VS2013 Visual C++ Redistributable Package.
Quote from Parax:
You probably need the VS2013 Visual C++ Redistributable Package.

I downloaded those three times...I have no idea why it won't open. It also said 'cannot run' and 000000 something when I tried again, then the same msdvr missing error. :/
I'd be blissful if I could get on it.

I'd love to add more enemies etc, to a room, does this sound possible at the moment? :D Thanks for the hard work by the way.
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Aruki: 2016-08-22 02:40:49 pm
Not easily in the current build but will be substantially easier in the next one.

Can you take a screenshot of the exact error message you're getting? Also what OS are you running?