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It crashes because Echoes obviously.
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Aruki: 2016-05-09 06:56:42 pm
Aruki: 2016-05-09 06:54:06 pm
Because the tools are not capable of porting assets right now... You can't just copy paste the ANCS from MP1, it needs to actually be converted from MP1's ANCS format to MP2's because there are format differences and you would also need to do the same for all the dependencies of the ANCS (the model, skin, skeleton, ANIMs, EVNTs, particles, etc...) -and- make sure they're included in the pak in the right place and duplicated where needed. I'm pretty sure I've said enough times the tools can't do this yet so I'm not really understanding why you expected this to work.

PWE itself crashing is probably caused by copy pasting the ANCS without also moving all the files used by the ANCS.
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Gunert: 2016-05-18 10:40:09 pm
west furnace access why
Is there any way to access any of the sound files in Mp1? (not the music, things like the door opening sound and such) I see the sound ID's for them and I want to be able to open them with Audacity, but I cant seem to find any of the files or even where they're located in the paks. Extracting the paks with paktool doesn't give me anything either.
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Antidote: 2016-05-18 11:51:45 pm
Jack has been working on precisely that issue, and we currently have SFX working in our test application for Amuse, which is our MusyX reimplementation, if you're willing to wait a bit longer we should have a "stable" build ready soon.

Also, those sound ID's won't do you a whole lot of good directly, they need to be translated via the Audio Translation Table (ATBL)
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Antidote: 2016-05-18 11:57:04 pm
Here is a test file to demonstrate what Amuse is capable of, currently I have to play the audio with Amuse and record with Audacity but eventually you'll be able to "render" the SFX.
you can also use my crappy Prime Audio Decoder from a while back that extracts the sounds from AGSC files. it doesn't really handle sound IDs or most of the features of AGSC like SoundMacros but if you just want raw audio sample playback it will work.
Hey, if anyone's interested in working on billboard icons for different script object types, let me know. You would be helping us come up with designs for icons that suit the object they're for + actually creating the icon itself for use in the editor. Main requirement is that you're able to nail the same style being used for the existing icons so that everything looks consistent. Bonus if you are also willing to convert your icons to TXTR and test them in the editor yourself (it's possible with PWE though the process is annoying on the current build - I'd show you how). We have two artists working on them currently but there are a lot of objects left and progress is slow, so any extra help would be appreciated. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
every time i load up landing site on echoes, i get these errors:
ERROR: Couldn't open resource: ee0c8499.CMDL
ERROR: Couldn't open resource: 85232b4f.CSKR
ERROR: Couldn't open resource: eec8a185.CMDL
ERROR: Couldn't open resource: 85e70e53.CSKR
ERROR: Couldn't open resource: 2aeb067b.CMDL
ERROR: Couldn't open resource: 41c4a9ad.CSKR
ERROR: Couldn't open resource: 8a233801.CMDL
ERROR: Couldn't open resource: e10c97d7.CSKR
ERROR: Couldn't open resource: d45f0fce.CMDL
ERROR: Couldn't open resource: bf70a018.CSKR
that's normal. There's some ANCS files that specify assets that don't actually exist (Retro's cooker probably excluded them because they aren't used).
oh, and is hardmode just set up to multiply the enemies health and damage or something like that?
No, hard mode only affects the player. It's something like you take 2x damage and your weapons do 0.5x damage.
It's really stupid like you take 1,53 damage and deal 0,57 damage, if I recall correctly.
thats an unfair thing but, its supposed to be a challenge. right?
I just meant stupid in the sense of very awkwardly rounded numbers
judging by the Tweaks docs it's take 1.53x and deal 0.5x.
pak tool won't launch, no error message
it pops up for less than a second then disappears

win10, i7 950, GTX660ti(outdated drivers cuz the new ones break), shit ton of ram
idk what you need to know to help but yeah I can't really use this thing w/o that and I want to play around with this
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Odylg: 2016-06-04 04:44:30 am
Odylg: 2016-06-04 04:42:42 am
I run this here hotel of an evening
Open a command prompt in the folder containing the pak files. Also make sure that's where the paktool.exe is as well. To extract all you type (without the ")"paktool -xg mp1

To extract a single pak it's" paktool -x Metroid1.pak

I may try to make a simple program (ahk)for this
Hope this helps
Use the File -> Extract Pak option in PWE
I run this here hotel of an evening
Sure, do it the "unfun" way :P
I run this here hotel of an evening
While I'm here, how do I open a STRG file with the STRG_Editor by double clicking the file itself? The program opens, but not the file
I don't have the source for the STRG editor anymore, but it probably doesn't have support for that implemented.
I run this here hotel of an evening
So how did the original do it? I'm gonna be making a scan editor. user can, among other things, change the text (duh) as well as the scan speed and move
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Aruki: 2016-06-04 05:19:03 am
opening a file directly in a program (either via drag-and-drop or by associating the file extension with the program) is done by just running the program with the path to that file as the first commandline arg, so if you want to support that for your scan editor that's all you have to handle.

I'll probably make a new STRG editor integrated into PWE soonish when I have exporting and cooking done. I want to start adding support for more asset types and STRG is one of the easier ones.
I run this here hotel of an evening
Will the new one also allow changing speed and/or category along with text? I don't wanna put a bunch of effort into something that'll be obsolete.

Actually I could make a standalone progran but I duuno. And suggestion for what to look into to help the cause?