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you could edit the textures, but that won't be easy to do with the current tools. PWE's model/texture editing stuff kinda sucks, I only implemented it so I could make the editor models (transform gizmos and etc).
ok, i'll try my best
i found a way to trick people with the space pirates, i took a normal pirate made it only vulnerable to plasma (Doube Damage to be exact) and i set it's animation as an ice trooper...
i hope it works
would it be possible to add screw attack to prime 1?
No, too much code, and not enough known about it yet.
So in echoes, I am changing every door to be purple. could this be messed up by seeker doors?
If all you're changing is the door shield, no.
how do you change the door type in prime 1?

It still confuses me

and the color as well
You change the models/textures it's using and its damage vulnerabilities.
Is there any way to edit STRG files?
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Aruki: 2016-03-25 08:50:08 pm
There's a STRG editor tool I made in 2014 that can edit STRGs from MP1/2. You can use that to edit STRGs/make custom STRGs, but just keep in mind PWE does not handle creating new assets and properly adding them to paks/worlds so you will need to do it yourself by putting it in the folder and manually adding it to the PakTool list file, and if you're adding brand new assets you will probably see some hitching ingame because it's not been added to the area's dependency list in the MLVL file.
Is there any way to make edits and test them quickly  in dolphin without having to play up to that point every time?
If you're only editing properties or something and you haven't added or deleted anything then you can just repack while Dolphin is running and then reload the room. I typically just set up a save state two rooms away and then reload it and go back to the room where I have my test set up. This will crash if the size of the pak has changed though.
Ok thanks.  I don't know if you know about this, but the program crashes whenever you try to export a texture to DDS with a model loaded in the model viewer.  It doesn't crash with no model loaded though for some reason.
Yeah the model editor isn't great. I'll give it a proper overhaul when I get to doing real model imports.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
so, if i understood correctly, you need to move the actual door models to make them different colors in addition of changing vulnerabilities, right?
In Metroid Prime the color of the door is determined by two things: 1. the door shield model (the one that lines the rim of the door) and 2. the textures used by the DamageableTrigger for the door, which is the scrolling fluid plane inside the door. To change the door color you need to change both those things. The DamageableTrigger damage vulnerabilities are what determines which weapons can actually open the door; it's completely separate from the door's visual appearance. Changing door color was simplified a lot in Metroid Prime 2 where they just have a color property that you can change to make the door whatever color you want without messing with assets.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i see. interesting explanation. i had already figured all those parts were separate when i tried to change a door without sucess (i was pretty much taking things apart randomly)

seems that i'd have an easier time editing mp2 when it comes to changing doors.
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Aruki: 2016-03-26 08:17:34 am
technically for 2 you *do* still need to mess with assets if you want to change a door into a Dark door, because there's a white door shield model that gets tinted with the color from the property, and dark beam doors are black so they use a different model than other door types. But yeah it's overall simpler in MP2.

edit: I think this is true for Annihilator doors too, now that I think about it.
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UchihaSasuke: 2016-03-26 09:15:35 am
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
heh. funny door types. i might do a troll move and make all doors the same color but each have different vulnerabilities.
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Interslice: 2016-03-26 05:35:00 pm
So I'm trying to change a missile expansion into a morph ball, but when I change the model associated with the pickup, the ingame model doesn't change. Is there a way to change the model for item pickups?

Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out.  It had to have the correct ANCS file with it too.
The model property isn't used unless there is no ANCS file.