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when i did that my game froze before i could even start playing
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
can you play an unmodified iso with the same setup? if yes, then there might be a problem with your iso.
also, did the iso exceed the normal GC iso size? i know they won't work if that happens.
nope, and yes and unmodified version does work but maybe it was because of how much water i added to landing which over loaded my wii, possibly
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
lol. i also added some water and mine worked.
well i had just reduced the amount of water that i had and im gonna try again

update: my game just froze while trying to enter alcove
update2: dolphin isnt working with it, i think i broke metroid prime
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i am going to change every elite to omega lol
Quote from MetroidPrime_Stratton:
i want to change the to the unused one that you showed off about a week back

just change PatternedInfo::AnimationParameters. Get 1.0.1 so it doesn't crash.
i did get 1.0.1 and ok
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UchihaSasuke: 2016-03-23 06:09:14 am
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i made a vid with the edits i made last night. it's mostly hilarity at how bad i did but shows the game runs well on console.

Awesome lol

Miles needs to secretly play a heavily edited version at agdq next year.
that would be awesome
I've been finding some pretty crazy shit to do on my stream haha. I might try to put it all together into a compilation video to demo the sort of things you can do with this game.
like what shit? some of the stuff from your last stream?
PWE is using 25% of my cpu before i've even loaded anything. do you know why that is?
I'm pretty sure that's caused by the refresh timer for the viewport in the world editor - it's loaded and running in the background even if the editor isn't actually up yet. Reducing the CPU usage is something I looked into in the past but I didn't find a good solution that didn't involve turning off real-time updates. I'm probably going to be adding a viewport setting to disable the real-time updates at some point in the future, which should reduce CPU issues if wanted. (Also, I'm going to have to change how the viewport updates work at some point because it's also the cause of the issue where if you tab out with a file dialog up, you can't tab back in sometimes.)
Anywhere, everywhere
Congrats on the release, Parax!
west furnace access why
Hey parax, if we figure out what any of the unknown values in the object property editor do should we post it here or in the hacking research forum?
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Aruki: 2016-03-24 05:12:59 pm
Aruki: 2016-03-24 05:11:17 pm
Hacking research thread.

I'm going to try to make wiki pages for every object type soon, so when that's done it would be cool if you could add anything you find to the wiki as well. You can also update the property name in your local copy of PWE by right clicking the property name and clicking "edit template".
Lovely, Parax You're a god !
Parax, with the ancs files is PWE the only way to do stuff with them?
Do you remember what I told you about vague questions? "Do stuff" is very vague, I have no idea what it is you want to do :P
sorry about that, i want to use the unused texture for phazon suit in the actual game and what i read is that it's place the ancs of metroid1.pak
Yeah you won't be able to do that with PWE. The unused phazon suit is only in one ANCS file, and it's on a PlayerActor which means it will only show up ingame if you actually have the Phazon Suit; there's no way to make it show up with PWE. Also, the skinning on the model is broken because it's using the skin file for the final version of the Phazon Suit which has slightly different geometry which means it will be extremely glitchy even if you do get it to show up. You could try swapping out the textures in PWE's model editor but I don't think it would look the same as the actual unused suit model.
so there are issues with it that i dont want to deal with, would it be possible to change the phazon suits original colors to that of the unused?