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could you remove the timer to have access to that room?
can you make an unloaded layer load
like a layer that is set to not load, load
yes, if you set up a layer switch. You would need to pull the area ID from the MLVL file in a hex editor though, PWE doesn't display it anywhere.
oh, how do i know what each area is?
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Aruki: 2016-04-02 03:39:38 am
Open the MLVL in a hex editor and search for the MREA ID. The area ID is the four bytes immediately following the MREA ID.
ok, is there a way to add in scan data for the ripper?
Not currently.
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how do you create a dynamic shadow and a save from a damageable trigger?
Uhh. I have no idea what you mean by save, but dynamic shadows are done with a ShadowProjector. Look in Phendrana Shorelines and check how the ShadowProjector there for the Ridley cutscene works.
for the save i mean like using a damageable trigger to activate the saving sequence
Make a SaveStation SpecialFunction and send it an Action message. You can find out most of this stuff yourself by just opening a map and checking how the base game does these things.
looking at save station b in phendrana i couldnt find out how to send it an action message, am i missing something?
Set up another object (Trigger, DamageableTrigger, etc), then set up a link with that object as the sender and the SpecialFunction as the receiver, set the State to any state that that object can enter (like Entered/Exited for a Trigger, Damaged/Dead for a DamageableTrigger, etc) and set the Message to Action.
i wasnt understanding that, thank you
would randomizing allow one to have the phazon suit pickup in pwe
in whatever world/area it got randomized to, yeah
There is a small mistake when you open the same room on a different version.
For example:
I open Reactor Core in NTSC version: it showes me the room correctly
I open Reactor Core in PAL version directly after I opened the NTSC one: it showes me NTSC version of the room
what is the difference for pal in reactor core?
There is a huge wall above a spider track and some platforms on the very top (where you are not intended to stand on) are flattened, so you can't stand on them. In NTSC it may be possible to go oob there, because they messed up one wall, so you might be able to just go oob there.
The reason why I noticed it is because I tried to get up there to test the secret world, but PAL is patched it seems and stuff just didn't match up with what I saw on the NTSC collision via PWE.
Yeah I know about that, it's a caching problem. The last area you loaded stays in memory until you load a new one, and since PWE sees there's already an area in memory with the same ID, it pulls up the old one instead of loading the new one. Need it to be clearing the cache every time you switch areas/worlds, but until that is implemented you need to load a different area/world with a different ID before you load a new version of the same one.
alright, I already thought that would be the case.
Couple of questions:
1. Are the metroid paks compatible across different versions of the game?  Can I use 0-00 paks on trilogy? 
2. Why are some parts of the water I made larger in tallon overworld purple?