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Thanks, Miles! =) It's a big help.
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i'm going insane since i'm in the middle of this and i'm in one of the hard spots (going to SA).
i got to see the video of how it goes with watch station so now i know what to do after the rooms i reached and the aether looks insanely high there. floating that is going to be incredibly annoying. after that is the crazy SW without dark suit to get to quad (i have 7 tanks so i hope that's enough)

i wonder how many people have completed this challenge so far... i might get 3rd or 4th if i do it (i'm not doing max%. just beating the game without LB)

the good thing is that i'm streaming what i do, if someone wants to take a look - http://es.justin.tv/uchihasda/videos and  http://en.twitch.tv/uchihasda/b/306494645 (warning: it contains way too stupid mistakes)
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MrSpEeDrUn: 2012-01-27 05:03:40 am
MP2 also a bit MP1 speedrunning
i manageed to kill the quadraxis with 5 e tanks so i think 7 are enough.

Edit: didn't miles managed to kill quadraxis with 3 e tanks?
The problem is getting to Quadraxis, since you have to SW past the door in Hive Dynamo Works. I personally went and got as many tanks as I could beforehand, which isn't necessary but I guess you can't be too cautious.

Though speaking of Quadraxis, make sure you've gotten Supers first. Won't be a very fun fight otherwise. <_<
MP2 also a bit MP1 speedrunning
oh yeah.. quaddy without light beam,supers and SA sounds extremly annoying...aiwebs_002
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what. this goddamn GA is almost impossible to transition from outside. i tried to copy the video but i just fell and got respawned inside (there goes 1 hour of floating wasted)
why is that the worst place to wallcrawl has to be this one.
i don't think i'll be able to finish the challenge :(
I did this (part of) the challenge a while ago, but I'll tell you what I can remember. Grand Abyss is tough. When you get on top of the door, jump out first. I don't think there's any way through the ceiling over the door. The transition's stubborn IIRC, but jumping back isn't hard. Don't be afraid of failure.

Once you've transitioned the room and are standing on top of the entrance tunnel before the chasm, be careful where you jump and where you're standing. Some parts of the roof of the tunnel are nasty traps. I've actually fallen off trying to get out, though I don't discount that I'm bad at the game. Stick to the safe spots in the video.

After passing the tunnel, follow the path across the abyss in the same way as in the video. I'm not sure of the geography of the room, but I believe the boundaries may let you fall out if you're too low (I have near the start).

I believe you already know this, but: If you fall out, you can enter the secret world in Sentinel's Path to try again. Bait the Quad over to beneath the cylindrical, overhead vent(?) nearest Watch Station, destroy the body, and jump onto its head. Continue jumping on it: It will raise its distance from the ground to boost you further up the vent until you can clear it completely. (The Quad is also a source of health) Transition to Watch Station and travel back over the top of Sentinel's Path over to Sanctuary Temple: The boundaries of Watch Station extend very far, and you can escape their reach only by jumping into the aether from the far side of Sentinel's Path. To that end, the horizontal beams on the roof are safe places to stand and jump, and they're all within jumping distance of each other. Using Sentinel's Path's SW is much faster than resetting; you just can't use turn your console off because you don't have a save point.

If you suck at Vault, practice before your next attempt. Practice until you're confident. I had never done No Grapple Vault before and died in my first attempt. I was very upset.

Getting SA feels awesome. "I can go places now!" lol
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Quote from MilesSMB:
Keeping your items is the best thing ever.

Quote from sabata2:
So you missed the Light Beam and one missile expansion in the "lose items" room.

Quote from Afti:
-skip losing items

Wait what How, where?
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well, going back with a clear mind and practicing several things helped a lot. i got past GA at last and i'm now trying to get to quadraxis.

vault had some nasty surprises. there were spots where you can fall while on top of the SA barrier. that caught me off guard in one attempt and i had to figure out the safe spots to stand in.
GA also had a few surprises but i got stuck there less times. i had better luck coming to the door from the right side while transitioning the room.
now with SA, i feel a lot more confident to finish since the rest of the SWs are mostly using SA (though this one last wallcrawl to quad is going to be tricky to do on time)

edit: this wallcrawl to get to quadraxis is a pain. the worst thing is the bad atmosphere since i can't catch a break.

another edit: i got past the wallcrawl by splitting it. i got inside the room with the echo visor door and recharged there. later, i used the SW used for Echo skip and later, i ceiling warped into the room where you're supposed to use the temple keys and saved. Quad himself wasn't that hard since i defeated him on my second try.
now i'm at dark Torvus ready to fight Chykka. after that there's sky temple key collection with some SWs and i should be finishing so i calculate i'll be done tomorrow or on friday.
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my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
well, i managed to finish the game. i think i'm the 3rd or 4th person to complete this so far. figuring out the last SW entry from the light block without any video was tricky but it didn't take too long.

6:30 46%

the time was really high since i didn't redo anything once i got it done and some things like GA wallcrawl took really long.
one good thing is that i improved my aether jumping. stuff like the early PB from Temple assembly site is now super easy to do. i guess those aether jumps under dark aether pressure to reach quad helped in the end.

i'll do highlights and put together a playlist later in YT for others to take a look at the whole thing.

edit: after examining my vids, they suck too much to piece together a highlight reel, so i'll just post links to them in the order it takes place and let people fast forward at the slow parts.

http://en.twitch.tv/uchihasda/b/306481620 - part 1 (just the start and ILS)
http://en.twitch.tv/uchihasda/b/306494645 - part 2 (here's where it begins. i figure out stuff on the spot)
- part 3 (wallcrawl to SA. part 1)
- part 4 (GA wallcrawl)
http://en.twitch.tv/uchihasda/b/308691136 - part 5 (spider guardian)
http://en.twitch.tv/uchihasda/b/307793017 - part 6 (getting more e-tanks for the dark aether wallcrawl)
http://en.twitch.tv/uchihasda/b/307857365 - part 7 (the wallcrawl to skip the echo door and Quadraxis)
http://en.twitch.tv/uchihasda/b/307866200 - part 8 (light suit and some torvus crap)
http://en.twitch.tv/uchihasda/b/308055538 - part 9 (chykka, sky temple keys and the endgame. after that i start getting items i missed)
http://en.twitch.tv/uchihasda/b/308164346 - part 10 (remaining items up to 97%. i couldn't do ILS to get the trooper missile and i wasn't going to do WSA so i stopped there)

at least people who want to try this now have a reference.
I enjoyed watching this, from the tangible frustrations to the resulting triumphs. But one problem - the part 6 link doesn't link to the proper video.
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fixed the video. i don't know why twitch messed the vid like that...
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UchihaSasuke: 2015-09-24 07:18:37 pm
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
since my original run died when twitch deleted the past broadcasts, i went and redid the run and went for all possible items.

here's the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3hRSOp8fv1gvsvUv102C1fE3DYxv-nNw

(i bumped this because it's like the only topic dedicated to Light Beam skip lol)