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red chamber dream
like pretty much everything in super? all the random ledges you can get to via creative wall jumping, etc
red chamber dream
also all the random standable ledges in prime that let you just space jump through every room, etc
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sabata2: 2011-02-08 03:30:23 am
In the case of Super I think that'd still be under Balance Testing but more so towards programming and less so "blame it on the artists". The Devs obviously intended regular walljumping, but they didn't test it well enough, or didn't care to fix, single wall jumping. (atleast in the case of wall jumping. I never played nor broke super so I'm bound to be outclassed here)
BUT, and this will apply to both Super and Prime, it tried new things so stuff was bound to go wrong.

As for Prime, this one is the opposite spectrum of Super. The Artists created landscape that effectually allowed breaking of the engine.
In Prime's defense though, IF they were to test it to the point where it could be reliably said "It's well programmed", we'd probably still be waiting on it's release.

Anyways, we're getting rather specific and STILL continuing a thread of thought that even the creator of didn't want to continue.
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What is this what have you people done
I don't know, but I'm blaming you tbob.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
As far as 3D games go, surely an easier option would be to have coded somewhere what is consider out of bounds, and if a player reaches it, then they are aytomatically teleported back inside the room.  One spawn point in each room can't be too tough to implement.  This'd remove a large proportion of game breaking glitches, and would at least enforce the intended route.
I think there are games like that somewhere. It's a bit like racing games where if you crash and burn off the track your teleported back onto the track. In a 3D adventure game that can't be much fun. You'd feel very restricted and not to mention the game having much less replay value.
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I have only played the 2d metroid games.
With some of the stuff we've done over the years in any of the Metroid games, can you honestly expect that the developers would be able to find every single thing and correct it within the window of time they have before the game is released? There are only so many people testing these games at one time and only so many hours before they can't any more, and with the larger 3D worlds and all of the places you'd have to check I don't think it's possible to get every single spot. Just think of how many hours some of us have put into trying to find these things, and then consider just testing if the intended sequence works correctly, if the hint system displays at the right times, if you can get to all 100 item pickups properly, if enemies and bosses are coded correctly, etc. There's a ton of things that have to be tested before they could get around to seeing if every possible angle is how they should be, at least that's how I see it if I were the one giving things priority when it came time to test a game out.

I may be way off since this is mostly based on my little time with game development through college, but if you are running under the clock to get as much of that tested as possible before a game is released, AND be able to have time to fix anything that is found, I don't think a smaller team like Retro (just guessing here, since I can't remember how big/small they really are) for instance would've been able to fix everything in time.
who cares
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
Zelda games have the teleport thing if you clip out of bounds since you fall and fall and get respawned.
though some very nasty glitches like bomb hover and warp cancel really mess up those countermeasures (bomb hover lets you hover over the void and warp cancel disables the void's respawning zone)
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That M2k2 guy
I think Zknight means design, not design.
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Fusion is a VERY different Metroid game, but it was the first I ever played...
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U could use a debug cheat to disable them
Codes aren't allowed in speedrunning.
Insanity is normal