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I didn't see this on here already, so I thought I'd mention it, in case anyone's interested. Basically, when its arms are on fire, it normally takes three Overblasts, but you can actually take off more than half its health in one round if you Missile its frozen arm and then repeatedly Charge Shot its head.

What I've noticed is that when doing the three Overblasts, the third round usually takes ages before he's ready to be frozen. Therefore, I think the best way to do it is to Overblast once, then he should be freezable pretty quickly after that - then missile and charge him to death without letting him reach a third round. I hope this is helpful for some of you!
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This is the guy you fight on the volcano right when you get the Varia Suit?
Yeah, that's the one. You see, although the game tells you to Overblast him, you don't have to. If you Missile his arm, his head then glows red and becomes vulnerable. You can get about three charged shots in before he recovers, if you're really quick. This is enough to kill him if you have Overblasted him once already.
Bangaa Bishop
This is quite interesting... I'll have to remember that if I can get my Wii to read discs again -.-