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red chamber dream
meh, that's what hacking's for. if you want to have any poke you want, just buy an action replay. they're like 20 bucks.
What'd you say?
Quote from Quietus:
For some, it's all about the thrill of the capture, but I'm just after getting a party together, and playing through the game's main story. aiwebs_004

It's not the thrill of the capture for me, I just don't want the series even easier than it already is. I could see making weaker Pokes basically an instant capture (more so than they already are,) but not the stronger and/or legendary ones so.

I'm also trying to slowly fill the bank so hacking wouldn't be an option, at least for me.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
I wasn't thinking so much about having whatever party you want.  You'd still be restricted to what you encountered.  It'd just mean that when you do, you haven't got to mess around with some running away, some doing moves that kill themselves, etc.

On another note, I had my first roaming legendary encounter ever yesterday.  I had just completed X, loaded back into my game, ran into the first grass patch, saw a white flash, and Zapdos appeared.

Than he ran instantly ran away. Evil or Very Mad
Yeah he's going to do that about a dozen times or so until he lands somewhere and you can fight him normally.
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UchihaSasuke: 2014-07-13 05:43:03 pm
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i still have my HGSS Zapdos around so i never bothered to run around for these birds in XY.
Club 27 Goals
since we're saying goodbye to Pokemon X/Y, I figure I'll end this off by giving out a free demo code to whoever sees this first and REALLY wants it. Apparently there's exclusive demo stuff in here or something. Lemme know if anyone snags it and what all you can do in it since I have another code I might want to use myself.

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red chamber dream
was bored so i made up a couple mega evolution wish sets ... this one seems pretty scary heh

mega shedinja

hp:      1
attack:  140
defense: 30
sp. atk: 10
sp. def: 30
speed:  125

wonder guard
Outta the way, losers, best Pokemon coming through.

Club 27 Goals
When are we getting a pokemon sun/moon thread? Or should this one just be renamed?
One shall stand, one shall ball.
You can just make one.
Club 27 Goals
You sound like my mom ark
red chamber dream
makin me do everything