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Club 27 Goals
Quote from arkarian:
mega lopunny <3

Unfff my dick
red chamber dream
that's ... not what i meant

but i don't disagree :9
Shiny Pelipper! That's my first random shiny since that season-changing deer thing from whatever gen. And before that it was a Noctowl in the original Silver. I've been told that's below-average shiny luck.

At least I never accidentally killed one!
red chamber dream
heh congrats

i think i've only caught 3 myself, got a few on wonder trade though
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arkarian: 2016-12-05 08:26:20 pm
red chamber dream
dayum beast boost is so broken

i have a +spatk nature pheromosa whose spatk is just barely higher than its speed, so it's just powering through most of the e4
Seems like Pheromosa is the only one where you can realistically choose what to boost though
red chamber dream
eh guzzlord too, but yeah. most of them can take advantage of their boost to great effect though
Also High Jump Kick makes the physical/special choice pretty easy!
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arkarian: 2016-12-05 11:52:05 pm
red chamber dream
for pheromosa? i actually prefer a special build, since high jump kick hits hard anyway. you can keep hjk for coverage along with 3 special moves. but physical is definitely a great build too

man phero is going to be banned from ou so quickly. its movepool is really limited though, which is its only downside
Club 27 Goals
god damn I wish there was a way to skip dialouge/cutscene

I just wanna catch and train some pokes like shiet boys

Don't see how you can play this game a second time ark haha
red chamber dream
i enjoy sm's story quite a bit

haven't started sun yet though
Club 27 Goals
Don't get me wrong the story isn't bad

it's just the dialogue and stuff takes so long to wade through
They somehow managed to not put a Nationaldex into SM lol
BW2 2 hype
red chamber dream
they're using pokemon bank for that now. i like that a lot more anyway
Yeah SM's story is probably the best so far