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Yeah, but nowhere near as much as the former. There's a reason why most multiplayer games have realtime combat and such.
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i'd say people win pokemon battles due to luck maybe 1% of the time

in the current metagame practically everything is determined by how good your team is and how good at playing you are
how do you play pokemon without caring about types ?

it's not like i don't care about type at all, but it's not on a level where i'd have the type factor in on my decision for the starter pokemon
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Quote from Idkbutlike2:
Well, here's the thing. The scope of all this meta shit gets narrowed down a lot by the fact that most Pokemon battles are 1 on 1 and can primarily be won by sweeping your opponent. RPGs where you have bigger parties and more enemies to fight at once usually allow more of the "black maths" that drive them to spill into the battle, allowing for way more things to happen.

a Pokemon moba would be neat
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Poision Envy: 2013-10-05 05:14:24 am
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also yeah I can't post in this thread at all on my phone for some reason. Seems like every time I try to load the most recent page it tells me all the posts were deleted or whatever and boots me back to the index.

I tried to post about it (on my phone) but I don't think my post posted

EDIT: oh it did, there's just been a lot of posts
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i've seen that happen on my phone too before but unfortunately i don't know why
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are you using ios7 by any chance?
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yeah still using ios7. only difference is I restored it from a backup recently to get some apps back, but it's still ios7. maybe clearing the browsing cache/history/whatever will help
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yeah dunno then
i just heard online features in x/y are locked to a region related to thelanguage you choose in the beginning?

i hope this is some false info. i don't want to play this in german. though i've already heard of cases were dlc was country ip locked
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got my pokemon y, time to boot this shit up
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tomorrow at 9am i'll be picking mine up. Not sure if they're doing another online thing with this one? It's weird that with HG/SS they had the pokewalker, then with B/W B/W2 they had that online place. and this time it's like.... nah nothin new (except that pokebank feature I guess)
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resetting until i get a froakie with the nature i want, lol
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well, got a rash nature, but he got outsped by the rival's fennekin so not sure what that says about his speed ivs ...
I'm going out to get my copy of Y this afternoon since the earliest Amazon would've sent it was Wednesday. Still trying to decide between Chespin and Froakie but I doubt I'll figure that out until I have to make the choice directly. Kinda weird that this is only the second time I won't be going with the fire starter for my first run. (Totodile) Seems like all three of them could be interesting, especially now that I've seen their final evolutions. Have a feeling Delphox and Greninja will be the more popular ones based on looks and typing though.

As far as online goes, I think they're going to be rebooting the Global Link pretty soon. Not sure if they changed anything with it.
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RBY: Bulbasaur
GSC: Totodile
RSE: Treeko
DPP: Piplup
B/W: Snivy

wow... I guess I've never started with the fire starter. I didn't even notice I had a pattern until now.
Yeah I seem to remember you complaining that we were all getting Froakie to counter your Fennekin a few pages back. Like I said before, I'm interested to see what kinds of teams we all put together in the end since that's always been half the fun with Pokemon. Never going to have the exact same thing between two people.
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the reason i've never picked the fire starter is because fire is shitty defensively and not great offensively either, in the main game at least
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well when I was a kid playing the games the only shit that mattered was either "fuck he's <whatever type> and that's super effective against me" or "awesome he's <other type> and I'm super effective against him!"
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well that's what i mean, fire is weak to a shitload of common types and not good against many

aww yeah got my first fairy poke
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the 3d effects in battles are pretty neat
What'd you say?
My dumbass passed out on the couch early last night and missed the midnight release. Hopefully I can find a copy today.
Got X about half an hour ago. Less do dis shit, niggas!
What'd you say?
My local Target had boxes of X and Y. I went with X.
What'd you say?
Came across a wild Pikachu. That was definitely unexpected.