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go go go
seems like there's no sound unfortunately, dunno why
ah well, really cool to see this done live anyway
yeah, paraxade's capture device driver is probably messed up
he's using an old computer  because it won't work on his new computer.  No sound :(

EDIT: Lol, we need MP1 experts here.  He can't get out of Magmoor...
i have faith.
oh he got out woo
so close ;(
had a few that were closer... those random instant unmorphs are annoying tho x.x
there were some i thought for sure would be it
does ustream keep rebuffering for anyone else or is it just me?
nah me too
wonder if it does that on ustream.tv itself
oh btw paraxade i just finished encoding/uploading your prime 3 run so it's just waiting to be released now
i think it's rebuffering on ustream.tv too... dunno, i'm forced to stream from an old and shitty computer so that might have something to do with it
yeah could be
at least I know if I keep trying I'll get this eventually since I've already gotten really close <_< just wait for me to screw up the scan dash when I finally do make it up lol
happens to me all the time ;(
man i miss all the typical ustream hecklers
and that's why i usually don't stream for more than a couple people <<
Boost Ball upgrade required.
i think you're the third person who's quoted that now
yeah one of the best parts of prime haha