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It's nice that all of the Prime games's first low% completions have been streamed live.
I don't think Metroid Prime Hunters was streamed live.
Metroid Prime Hunters doesn't have a low percent... EDIT: At least, not anywhere I know of.

EDIT2: Also, it isn't one of the main 3.
Hunters doesn't count. >_>
Yes it does count, it has "Metroid Prime" in the title.
I think it counts too!
Quote from GoDoFpLaSmA:
Yes it does count, it has "Metroid Prime" in the title.

Yeah, well so does Metroid Prime Pinball.

Quote from GoDoFwAve:
I think it counts too!

Its blatantly obviously you are the same guest as the person above.
What is the low% for Metroid Prime Pinball?

And GoDoFwAve isn't me, that is my brother.
There isn't one. I was just saying it isn't a Metroid Prime game.

I disagree, Hunters shouldn't count.
GoDoFiCe who are you? Are you trying to impersonate me?
I've never played Hunters. From stuff I've read, it seems like one of the most hated. Other M seems to be going down that road too...
I've never played it either, but still, it's not one of the main games.

Gotten a bit off topic here, though. >_>
When is the stream starting? When Paraxade can set it up?
Uh, he's playing right now...
THats weird my browser says it is still loading. It also says error on page.
He is heading toward the Ridley fight. Try restarting your computer?
yeah try refreshing, i've been streaming for a while
I did.

EDIT:... Stupid IE 8.
I still suck at that Ridley skip <_<
i can't see the stream. i refresh but it doesn't load :(
Restart the browser/use a different one/etc
This is one of my favorite Ridley fights in the Prime series. Maybe not as good as the one in MP1 though because that one had an epic setting.