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I run this here hotel of an evening
So I lost my copy of metal gear solid the twin snakes awhile back, and I recently decided to download it. Thing is, I ended up with the PAL version. I didn't think too much about it at first. I knew NTSC Wii can play PAL games. But, I'm having a/v issues.
I'm using nintendont, and if I leave the options alone, the game is in black and white plus the image is off center vertically.
If I force NTSC it aligns properly and in color, but because of a different frame rate (I assume) the audio wont sync during cutscenes.
Is there a way to get the audio to sync up while still having video in color and aligned correctly?
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Club 27 Goals
audio not syncing up sounds more like the problem of the iso you downloaded or something up with the homebrew. Can't imagine the differing framerate would cause that
Club 27 Goals
is there any reason not to download the other version though?
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Odylg: 2015-08-15 03:40:13 am
I run this here hotel of an evening
Waaay to slow downloading. I think im gonna try again though. As for the audio: leaving the options alone, which causes the greyscale/alignment issue, doesn't have desynced audio. It's when I change the video mode, forcing NTSC, that fixes the greyscale/alignment while at the same time desyncing the audio.

EDIT: it could be nintendont. I also have neogamma but can't use it without the disc. USB needs to be WBFS format, and I get an error when I try to do it using the WBFS Manager.

And once I get through the story mode refresher the audio will be a moot point because I'll be skipping the cutscenes
Club 27 Goals
I'd just look up one of those "all cutscenes from <game>" videos on youtube and just do that if the desync is really bad
I run this here hotel of an evening
Yeah, I considered that because the desync is pretty bad at times. Can't really stream at the moment though. I can download it so if I can't find a good NTSC version I'll probably get the video. Even so I need to beat the game to unlock extreme and whatnot