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That's fair enough. I remeber a few that required you to access them from a different room, or were marked in a way that it was hard to tell what room to look in.
Dood Trigger™
The game is very flawed, and nowhere close to the top Metroid games, but I have fun playing it. It's hard to talk about Other M without pointing out flaws though. All the complaints that I've ever read about it make perfect sense.

Stuff I like: the gameplay is fast, and the pacing is decent with not a lot of filler. You're always on the move, pixel hunting aside. Missiles are powerful. Post-game content is great (or maybe I'm just happy I finally get to explore the station). I also like how you can kill all enemies in a room to reveal items.

You can see Team Ninja completely changing the way they make games in recent years, it's pretty sad... between Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Other M and NG3, there are less and less traditional gameplay elements like enemy drops and customization. Everything you get is scripted. There's very little strategy in Other M's combat, even less so in Ninja Gaiden 3. No incentive for collecting anything out of the way, nothing to learn about the gameplay mechanics. Everything is just barebones.
I do like Metroid Other M.

1. The gameplay, I did enjoy and I wish that it was a little expanded upon. I love the idea of a 3D Metroid game that is third person as opposed to first person.

2. I felt like the idea of the story, the sort of "humanization of Samus" was a very good idea, but it was executed in a sub-par way.

3. I love the re-addition of things that were missing from the 3D Metroid games, like the orginal Space Jump, the speed booster and shinespark....