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The Varia one's not too bad, ZS is ugly.
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I like them, and I'd like to buy them just for collection purposes as they're likely to go way up in value later on just like all other metroid figures.  Is there a link to where you can buy them?
I think they both look great, especially the Varia. Somehow I get the feeling that they're already going to be a little expensive given how rare Metroid collectibles have been in the past, but I still want them. I really want that Varia Suit one, because it sounds exactly like what I always wanted as a kid with it being poseable. (Which you can clearly see in some of the pictures.)
I heard on the other forum that they were only going to be like $40, but they weren't going to make that many of them so I'm sure they will be gone almost immediately.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Quote from TheGreenManalishi:
ZS is ugly.

What else is new? :v
looks like a decent figurine, but I've gotta save my money for the recent s-CRY-ed S.H. Figuarts.