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KennyMan666: 2016-05-17 05:38:05 am
So yesterday I officially launched my current writing project, One Piece: Pure Corruption. I've been describing it as "a One Piece fanfic with ambitions". It started life as an RP on K-F forums. Twice, actually, but none of the attempts really got off the ground. But I liked the characters and the concepts, so I decided to start writing the story on my own - and with some input from one of the participators, and feedback from some other people, now it's here. The prologue and the first volume, consisting of nine chapters, are currently "published".

All of it's on the in the preceding paragraph linked to Pure Corruption website. I'm also submitting the chapters to my deviantArt page, and now actually also Fanfiction.net even if it looks much worse there. The website was always meant to be the chief location for it anyway, since I have far more control over the page structure there. It also has some bonus content.

So, well, if you're into One Piece, I hope you might enjoy my story. Since the story takes place before the events of One Piece proper, and at least as of now only involves characters that have nothing to do with actual One Piece characters, no real foreknowledge is needed, so if you're not into One Piece, it might be possible for you to enjoy it too!
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