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A Washing Machine
Segmented 1%
So I improved my segmented 1%. Now I'm having more troubles with room strats than with Yakuza and Nightmare. Didn't die to them, but died to the same pirate twice on the way to Nightmare. Then to a bunch of random things in sector 4 after nightmare. Haven't decided if I'm going to try to do single segment attempts, or try to do optimized segments. Probably single segment attempts with safety saves still.
Woa, I didn't run so far, now I made some new times, and go to make more and more just to take bests. So there is any% in 0:49 (I was sure it gonna to be 0:48, but well); 100%, again 1:09 -_- (but my favourite category); 1% in 0:54, which I hope I will never done - this run is segmented in two saves (before Yakuza+before SA-X - here just to make sure me) and gonna to improve some things; and finally MapC in 1:05 - this category is so fun (if it's 100% item also, this run is canceled), I can show how to make it good, if needed, then I can get soon better time.

A Washing Machine
not a igt pb but might as well post it here
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Znubz: 2015-03-15 11:20:53 pm
Znubz: 2015-03-15 11:20:40 pm
Got a :56 single segment run.

Sub 1hr!

Even if the leaderboards won't get updated I still wanted to post my new PB after returning from the dead Wink

This could have been a lot better, I guess it was a mediocre run with no big mistakes apart from the last SA-X fight and some stupid execution errors. I wish it had been sub 1:18 and this new PB just BARELY put me over the edge, but for now I can finally rest in eternal peace :D

Here are my splits