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Opium: 2017-06-11 05:02:54 pm

Moon Fall. Moonwalk off a platform and you fall faster?  Is this new?  I haven't seen it before.
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Behemoth: 2017-06-16 12:59:48 pm
Yeah this was discovered by sniq recently.

That article is rather innacurate though. You have to moonwalk toward the edge holding an angle button and then press jump. Samus will then do a very small spin jump backwards, and that's it. You can tell when you've got it before she even starts accelerating because the jump is always like a 1 frame type of jump despite jump being held for much longer.

It's certainly no game changer like the article suggests but in most categories it will save in the region of about 5 seconds over course of the run, perhaps a little more than that for 100%. There's like 2 to 3 major places where it actually saves a decent amount of time due to the droppages being large enough. They are: 3 second save at main crat shaft, the large drop during the tourian escape saves about 1.5 and about 1 second can be saved in red tower coming down if you can manage to use two moonfalls there (2nd moonfall is more difficult). Aside from those there's a small handfall where frames/fractions of seconds can be saved providing clean execution but that's up to the player. It's the TAS's where you could say all records void though.