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AM2R Writer
Hi everyone. There has been recent work made on AM2R by a few modders who have added extra content to the game in the form of 2 new modes. These modders are outside of the original group behind AM2R, but what they've done is highly exceptional. The new modes are the following:

- New Game+ Mode: Remember how AM2R (and Metroid 2) were linear due to the lava and boulders that blocked your path until every Metroid nearby were killed? This is no longer an issue, as the mode allows you to start a new file with all the lava and boulders removed from the main tunnel of the game. This gives AM2R a GREAT level of non-linear exploration and sequence breaking, since you are now able to access many areas out of order, grab their items as well as hunt Metroids in reverse if you wish. The only areas that are blocked off at the beginning are the Omega Nest and the Metroid Hive. These last 2 areas will unlock after every other Metroid in the game are killed. 

- Random New Game+ Mode: Same as above, except for one important difference. Many of the powerups' locations are switched randomly, offering new strategies to complete the game every time you start a new file. For example: in my first attempt at this, I found the Screw Attack and Plasma beam in the Golden Temple where you'd usually get the Charge beam and Spider ball, respectively. There are a few exceptions to the item switching of course in order to avoid being trapped in the game, such as the Bombs who will always remain in their original location.

I cannot emphasize how these 2 new modes greatly add to this remake in terms of replayability. Their magnet torrent links are in the reddit page of AM2R https://www.reddit.com/r/AM2R/comments/68ddpy/version_123/.
The latest version is 1.2.3.

As a bonus, the creators of this unofficial update added a small guide that allows you make a few other modifications to AM2R, such as changing the health/damage of boss characters, or changing the value of Energy Tanks (for example, if you want every energy tank to give you only 50% extra energy like Zero Mission's hard mode).

I hope you enjoy this as much I have!
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Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
I think it would be cool if the beam combos from super were added since you can turn off beams