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Quote from Saturn:
I could make a less hacked version, but only after I finish the original master-edition. Because I don't want to get out of my planings for it. The hack, and the route would be the same, I will just remove the critical and super hard parts, and also add some new platforms in places you normaly need to bomb-jump up. The instant-killer-enemies will also be removed...
Thank you!
P.S: You'll need ZSNES to run it right?
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if it's an ips patch, *any* SNES emulator should be able to run it, with a bit of help. You just need an ips patcher, several of which can be downloaded for free (They're not much less common than zip programs... the idea isn't much different from compression either).

Some of the more advanced emulators have built-in ips patching, though, making the process easier and requiring no additional tools - ZSNES is especially easy, you just have to make sure the ips file has the same filename as the rom file. (metroid.smc and metroid.ips, for example)
I will add a free IPS-Patcher tool together with the hack on my site. Any Emulator will be able to run the patched ROM as Kej. already said.
What's the expected release date?
Even better. You reckon we should have a separate topic for people's times with this too?
Hard to say, depending of the problems I have to face it will be done in 2-3 weeks hopefully.

It would be nice, if the mods don't have anything against it.
red chamber dream
Quote from Dark_SA-X:
You reckon we should have a separate topic for people's times with this too?

Quote from Saturn:
It would be nice, if the mods don't have anything against it.

Don't see why they can't just be posted here, but you can create a new topic if you must (AFTER he's finished the hack).
Tags really must hate you Ark.

I dunno if this was answered but is the map layout the same or is it a new layout like Metroid Legacy was?
The layouts will remain the same. It would be to risky for me to change them because of the possible graphic-bugs.

Hmmm, I guess the Electric Metal-Spikes will give you some fun, so lets see where I could add some for decoration  8)
Quote from Saturn:
"Super Hard Metroid" was only changed by the enemy-statuses (mostly double HP and damage) and the Samus-Suits as far as I know. I will change most rooms and the complete route you will go. I will also change the status of some enemies (increase them by 10 times if it has to be) to make them deadly to you in some places..

62C514A6: Enemy statuses and suit changes were not the only things changed. The whole layout was made harder to explore.

Just somthing he wanted me to post concerning his hack
Didn't know that, sorry then.
Sounds like fun...but get rid of the need to horizontal bomb jump...only like 2 or 3 people that I know of can actually do it...unless you make it much easier to do (like ZM easy)...then drop it.
Or just don't have it at all. It's an unnecessary risk to make, as you may end up ruining the whole game.
But the entire point of the hack is to be hard.
Yeah, but not tedious-hard, and the horizontal bomb jump could do just that.
I don't plan to make anything easier to perform at all. But well, maybe I really have to add some helping-platforms there. Just thought that Ark wouldn't like it, if the hack would be too easy ;-)

Kejardon recently said that a Frame-Perfect Jump can also pass this room without the need of horizontal bomb-jumping. I just tried to perform this jump with "Frame-Advance mode" and even while jumping at the last possible frame after gaining the most speed I could on the Missile-block, I still couldn't reach the right platform with the door (I was one full block away of it). So I would like to ask, do you or anyone else know how to manage it, is there a special move I have to perform in the air?

In the Phantoon first route we discused recently (in the original game) you would have to pass this water-room the same way without Speed Booster or Grappling Beam, so if this jump would be possible after some trys, I really wouldn't like to change the room. After all its a extreme-hard hack I want to make.
I can do it, and then everybody should be able to, I thought everyone had done a 14% game.

Edit: Minor typo.
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well, I guess it helps to know where to start, too.
Go to the door in the previous room. Run right up to it, so Samus stops because of hitting the door. Open it. Hold the run button, and go right. *Then* jump at the last possible frame.
You wont clear the whole room, right?

I'm sorry if I misunderstood this, but I thought it was about clearing the whole room without bombjumping.
Yes, I ment the whole room of course. Jumping to the Missile pack is no problem of course.

Here a pic of the room I mean:

As you can see I stand on the Missile-Pod as much left as possible. Now I run and jump as late as possible to gain most speed. But like in the Red line I fall 1 block behind the platform I have to reach. I tried to Morph in a ball while in air, then unmorph again to lose some falling speed, but it still is not enough...

I think to pass this part you have to use horizontal bomb-jump, there is no other possibility. I should note that in my hack you won't be able to get the High-Jump Boots at this moment, if it makes any difference.

Or is there still a chance to pass this part without Bomb-jumping?

To add some helping Platforms in this room I have to know how many guys except Smokey and graveworm can also pass it without Speed-Booster and Grappling Beam, so those who can please tell me. If there are really not more than 5 players then this won't do of course.

BTW whats about you Maur? You want to make the Phantoon first route, so do you use Bomb-Jumping or another trick here?

Anyway, I will leave the room like it is and if I change something it will be at the last step before I release this hack.
Embarrasing Fact: Power suit made by lowest bidder
Yes, you can clear the entire room with the method I mentioned.
Oh, and I forgot to mention: De-equip both speed boots and high jump before you do this.

I've never actually done phantoon first.  The dbj hates me, and the walljump was only discovered after I lost all my skills from unuse (I honestly haven't played this game seriously in at least a year, while the walljump was discovered less than a month ago iirc), and I hate it as it requires frame perfection anyways.

I do know a lot more about the game than many people, as I've idled/talked/mainly idled on #supermetroid for ages, and I did play it competitively for a while (I got 0:43 a couple times).
Wow, tanks alot Kej. Never thought it would be like this. Pictures make it much easier to understand than 1000 words. You will never learn out in this game...

Then it's clear I won't change the room in the name of the hardness of the hack. You (and I myself) have to practise this jump if you can't HBJ/DBJ. You can repeat this jump as much as you want without beeing punished with death (like in some cases in other rooms) so it should work if you are patient enough.

Quote from Maur:
I do know a lot more about the game than many people

Yeah, I noticed that pretty fast as you came with the Phantoon route I didn't even thought of before...
Kej is an absolute Metroid genius. You may have your work cut out to make a hack that would challenge him, Sat. But hey, regardless, I'm sure I'll like it loads.
Quote from DARK_SA-X:
Kej is an absolute Metroid genius.

I fully agree. I always wondered how he could find so many different glitches by himself. You really need a inhuman creativity (and of course some skill) to do that.

BTW: Forget the X-Ray Scope Kej! You won't be able to get it unless you defeat all bosses except Mother Brain. I'm already informed about the biggest Metroid-Breaker using this item.