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Gu3st: 2010-01-07 06:47:32 pm
Jagger ftw
I am making a trailer for the metroid marathon for TSG, you name will be in the credit. This can't be tas, so if you can get 30 seconds of real footage from doing a speed trick or something seemly quick, that will be great.

Only top screen is needed
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Has anybody found a good way to record non-emulated DS gameplay yet?
Jagger ftw
Camera is fine, It doesn't have to be SDA quality but as long as its stable and viewable its fine. I am talking about 10-20 second.
Can't it be recorded on emu and still not be a TAS?
red chamber dream
why not just take a clip from the sda run? it's got some of the best quality i've ever seen, and i'm sure using it would be fine as long as you include credit.
I might be able to do this. When will you need it? It could probably be done tomorrow, but i've never tried to record playin a DS before. If quality turns out OK, I'll probably supply you with a few short sequence break clips.
lol, i feel awful. what is TSG?
Jagger ftw
Any time within jan is fine:)
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Quote from dwarf74:
what is TSG?

thespeedgamers, I would imagine.
...lol, i knew it sounded familiar. I know about this site i just never go there and stuff so i didnt really hit me. Cool stuff :D. Man, i wish i could participate in the marathon somehow  :p
I dont know when i'll be able to get the clips, but it with surely be within this month :)
Jagger ftw
k Ty:)
Jagger ftw
Hows the clip going?
...well, im having a problem with getting a working DS so i can  record good. I COULD just take pictures of how to do a few glitches or whatever and you could just record yourself, and you could just try and do a little run yourself. (school's been getting in the way, too :(
The problem with my DS is that the top screen flashes on and off if i dont hold it a certain way. If I could find a way to keep my camera stable while i hold my DS, i might be able to do it. If it's not too late, i will try and do the best i can. despite the quality, I'll still get SOMETHING done this weekend :/
sorry about that
Get a tripod.  Or a slanted book with a little block to prevent it from sliding.
ima chargin mah lazr
You have my permission to use clips from my run(s) on SDA as long as you provide the full name I use there along with the compilation in some way, shape, or form (Zack "DSGamer3002" Mintzer).
ya dude...im sorry, i fail :(
I've actually tried to record, but it just doesn't work with the camera I have. I just cant get it steady
And you told me that you were wanting it back in january 0.0.....sorry about that. Gong with DSG's idea is probably the best thing you could do, because i'll probably never get anything done for you in time, even though it might just need like 20 seconds :(