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I have 135 missiles 25 supers 30 power bombs 8 energy tanks and two reserve tanks. Is that everything i can get before death mountain?
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After checking the NBMB guide on gamefaqs, it looks like you could have one more missile before that. Though having an extra missile won't help with climbing the mountain. You could actually do lower norfair before doing maridia, but lower norfair with only 2 crystal flashes is pretty dang hard.
well i just didn't want to do death mountain this time because i killed spore spawn before i decided to do this run(I did get mochball super missiles before i murdered him) so i was try to get what i could before death mountain and then i will start over. Thanks i didn't know there was a faq for this kind of run.
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If you're only missing one Missile tank, it's likely to be the one in the Wrecked Ship.  It's the only item availale with the power off.
i was using a map and checking off what i got. I already found that missile in the wrecked ship at the bottom where you have to use a bomb.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
The only other likely culprits I can think of would be the missiles in the room to the right at the very bottom of the main Norfair shaft (where you enter past the Cacti above Crocomire), or the ones below the Ice Beam room (the crumble shaft).
no i got that too, and the one in the lava
is it possible to get the 2 missiles in blue brinstar where you need to shine-spark then cross the invisible bridge
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Yup.  You Power Bomb the blocks at the bottom, wall-jump up, bomb the block at the top, then wall-jump back up.  You can then just run and jump straight onto the bridge.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
i.e You do not actually need to spark at all. aiwebs_004
ok cool i think that's what i didn't get yet i was worried about that bridge, Thanks