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lxx4xNx6xxl: 2012-02-02 11:44:27 pm
My name is 4N6/Forensics.
This is a song my brother and I did a long time ago. Tell me what you guys think.

Edit: My brother is the 1st verse, I'm the 2nd verse. Also my brother made the beat.

I'll post more videos for those who will like it.
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Club 27 Goals
Hey that wasn't bad at all. Mic quality was good too, I was expecting some garggly-sounding kid trying to rap into his webcam, but that actually sounds legit.
I like turtles.
While Rap really isn't my thing, it sounds like it was pretty well done.
My name is 4N6/Forensics.
Thanks I really appreciate you guys taking the time to listen to it and give your feedback!!!

I'll probably post more songs sometime in the next week or so.
Yol dok, Dovahkiin.
I like it!
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lxx4xNx6xxl: 2017-08-15 10:30:31 am
My name is 4N6/Forensics.
Took a few years. lol :)

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lxx4xNx6xxl: 2017-08-15 10:31:22 am
My name is 4N6/Forensics.
So I might upload more.
Just came across this thread. Great music, indeed. :)